Digital Radio Continues Growth

April 14, 2009

Scottsdale, AZ - Apr 14, 2009 - Despite consumer confidence being at its weakest point in over a decade, the worldwide market for digital radio experienced year-over-year growth of 85 percent between 2007 and 2008, reports In-Stat. Asia/Pacific, primarily Korea, was the main driver of the growth seen over this time period.

Recent In-Stat research unveiled several statistics.

  • Worldwide, the market for satellite and terrestrial digital radio combined will grow to more than 55 million unit shipments in 2012.
  • A variety of digital radio broadcast standards are being deployed, largely on a geographic basis. Among these include Ibiquity's IBOC technology, Eureka 147, terrestrial integrated services digital broadcasting (ISDB-T), Satellite digital audio radio services (S-DARS), and Digital multimedia broadcasting (DMB).

    Details of the In-Stat finding are published in the report Worldwide Demand for Digital Radio Continues to Rise.

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