Digital Radio Norway to Intro Own Radio Player

March 25, 2013

Oslo - Mar 25, 2013 - Digital Radio Norway has signed an agreement with UK Radio Player and will launch its own version of the app for Norwegian radio stations. It will be named simply

The player will allow Norwegian radio stations to be linked together in networks, and it will offer listeners a common user interface, making it easier for listeners to switch between stations, since most stations now have their own apps with different looks and functionality. will allow users to see information on everything that is broadcast on various radio stations, allowing them to search for content across the entire group. For example, a listener can search for songs, artists, and programs. In addition, he'll be able to save his favorite stations just like on a traditional radio.

UK Radio Player was originally developed for the UK radio market, as a collaborative effort between the BBC and the commercial stations across the U.K.

P4 will be the first station available on, coming this summer. All radio stations that wishing to join can send an e-mail to

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