'.DJ' Domains Launched

March 7, 2002

Clearwater, FL - Mar 5, 2002 - Visiosonic, owners of an active Internet site for DJs, has launched name registration for the top-level domain extension ".DJ" at the company's home page, www.pcdj.com.

Pricing for domain names with the .DJ extension is similar to the pricing for domain names bearing the .TV extension, and will average to be about $50 annually.

Visiosonic will offer premium names such as www. nyc.dj for $500 yearly. The company has priced www.mp3.dj at $100,000 per year. Their top-of-the-line domains www.club.dj and www.radio.dj can be leased for $500,000 yearly. The company reports that a $50,000 premium name has already been registered by a UK entertainment company, and a U.S. record label has expressed interest in the www.mp3.dj domain.

The .DJ extension is the assigned two-letter country code for the Republic of Djibouti, in East Africa.

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