EAS-CAP Industry Group Releases CAP to EAS Implementation Draft for Comment

April 6, 2010

Apr 5, 2010 - The CAP-EAS Industry Group is providing an Implementation Guide as a recommendation to U.S. governmental agencies and industry associations on the use of CAP for EAS purposes, including the FCC, FEMA, the National Weather Service and other organizations. Group members intend to rapidly implement the EAS-CAP Implementation Guide within their own systems and equipment.

The Implementation Guide is one step to improve interoperability across agencies, jurisdictions, systems and vendors to ensure the public benefits from improved capabilities to communicate weather, civil, AMBER and other alerts via broadcast media. The Implementation Guide provides developers and manufacturers guidelines as to which elements in a CAP message are required for an EAS message, recommends accepted formats for audio messages, and other features.

Download the draft version of the document. Comments will be accepted until April 20, 2010.

Public Comments can be submitted to the group's Google Group site.

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