EBU Conference Rallies Support for Digital Radio

November 17, 2010

A digital radio action plan floated by a European Broadcast Union (EBU) working group won an unequivocal endorsement of delegates attending the organization's 2010 Digital Radio Conference on Oct. 28-29 in Dublin.

According to an EBU press release, the three-part plan for 2011 calls for a focus on:

  • Generating and marketing new digital-only content from the commercial sector
  • Working closely with automakers to get harmonized digital receivers in cars
  • Lobbying the EU for regulatory policy designed to facilitate digital radio transitions across Europe.

    Digital radio supporters claim the endorsement is unique in that it's supporters included representatives from the WorldDMB Forum (Eureka 147), Digital Radio Mondiale (DRM), and the Internet Media Device Alliance (IMDA), each of which represent a unique technological approach to digital audio content delivery. The endorsement also reflects a growing consensus that each technology fills a particular niche and that with the standards issue largely resolved, broadcasters are now free to concentrate on business models, content development and policy issues.

    More than 150 delegates from 60 different organizations attended the two-day conference, which included demonstrations of integrated Internet radio player/hybrid radio devices, as well as sessions on digital radio, audio streaming and audience measurement. BBC Northern Ireland and RTÉ hosted the event.

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