EBU Digital Radio Conference Talks Business in 2010

August 18, 2010

The European Broadcast Union (EBU) says its fourth annual Digital Radio Conference, scheduled for Oct. 28-29 in Belfast, Northern Ireland, will shift away from focusing on technology in favor of something on the top of every broadcaster's agenda these days - their business model.

A press release detailing this year's session topics suggests Europe's broadcasters have resigned themselves to a model for radio delivery that involves a mix of digital options such as Eureka 147 variants (DAB, DAB+ and DMB) and stand-alone platforms like DRM, as well as mobile and wired broadband. While past conferences have focused on the technical characteristics of various platforms, offerings this year are returning to the big picture that lies ahead.

Session descriptions include a look at the prospects of a post-analog radio world, the use of new hybrid technologies such as radio DNS to help the consumer zero in on niche content, and how those new technologies will impact the evolving business model.

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