EBU Publishes Recommendations for Deployment of Digital Radio Across Europe

March 7, 2013

Geneva - Mar 3, 2013 - The EBU has published "Digital Radio Distribution in Europe" in which it cites important aspects about radio across Europe, along with its recommendations about how stakeholders should advance the cause of digital radio. The EBU states that radio is consumed in homes, at work, and in vehicles by the vast majority of people across the continent, and that it is of "vital cultural importance" therein.

The EBU's recommendations include:
■ Immediate deployment of digital radio, either as DAB, DAB+, or DRM in spectrum currently allocated if neither DAB method is possible
■ Accompanying the digital radio application with enhanced features such as text, images, and program guides
■ Use of hybrid services such as RadioDNS
■ Harmonization of a timetable for the deployment of digital radio across Europe, including a target date for the switch-off of analog radio.

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