EBU Stresses Importance of Euro-chip

November 15, 2012

Geneva - Nov 14, 2012 - The European Broadcast Union launched a campaign promoting the inclusion of the Euro-chip in all new radios and mobile devices. The Euro-chip integrates the main radio standards, such as digital (DAB/DAB+/DMB) and analog FM, into one universal radio receiver, overcoming incompatibilities and bringing important benefits to broadcasters, manufacturers and consumers.

According to the EBU, Euro-chip technology will enhance radio's role as the optimum communications medium in the event of network failures, during for instance, natural disasters; at these critical times, broadcast networks usually continue to work. The EBU wants action on several levels:
■ Although many devices have been fitted with a radio chip, dormant chips must be activated.
■ Radio chip tools should be open and accessible for creative minds to develop new applications.
■ Any future radios and smart devices must contain active Euro-chips when they reach the shelves.

Owners of any device containing a live Euro-chip - including smartphones and tablets - can enjoy broadcast reception, even as they cross international borders or pass between digital and analog signals.

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