EBU Technical Report Examines LTE Capability to Deliver Broadcast Content

August 20, 2014

GENEVA—EBU''s Technical Report 027 examines the possibility of delivering broadcast content and services over LTE networks, and presents the outcome of the first-ever jointly conducted study by broadcasters and the mobile industry focused on the capability of a mobile broadband technology to deliver linear TV on a tablet either at home or on the move.

This initial study provides the essential technical information about the capabilities and performance of the LTE eMBMS system with a focus on broadcasters'' requirements, in particular, the possibility to deliver services free-to-air which is very important to EBU Members, according to EBU news.

According to the report, LTE could be a useful complement to the broadcast distribution platforms. However, it is not realistic to expect that LTE will become a viable alternative to broadcast distribution, including terrestrial TV networks (DTT) in the foreseeable future. The report recognizes that non-technical aspects such as operational scenarios, regulatory conditions, business models, and costs need to be better understood before any conclusion on the viability of a large scale delivery of broadcast content over LTE can be drawn. These elements have not been studied in depth but will be addressed in the follow-up work of the EBU project group

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