Eventide Upgrades BD600 Broadcast Delay Software

April 29, 2013

Eventide BD600

Little Ferry, NJ - Apr 21, 2011 - Eventide has released new software for its flagship broadcast profanity delays, the BD600 and BD600E. The new software upgrade will be a free download for all registered BD600 and BD600E owners and will be available in May 2011. The new upgrade will extend the MicroPrecision Delay mode maximum delay time from its current maximum of 10 seconds to a maximum of 20 seconds, and will allow the storage of four different MPD delay values. They can be selected from the front panel,remotely by RS-232, or by GPIO in the BD600E.

Software vVersion1.8 will also add a new RS-232 command to ramp to a given delay value in either MicroPrecision Delay mode or Profanity Delay mode. Also, a blinking confidence light has been added to the front panel for units at facilities where they are left on in continuous operation.

In MicroPrecision Delay mode, the BD600 offers subsample synchronization between digital and analog signal transmission with a superfine delay adjustable in real time in 100 nanosecond increments.

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