Extension Granted for DAB+ Test Authority in Canberra and Darwin, Australia

August 28, 2013

Sydney - Aug 23, 2013 - Commercial Radio Australia (CRA) welcomed the decision by the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) to extend the DAB+ digital radio trial licenses in Canberra and Darwin for an additional 12 months.

The authorizations have been extended to allow ongoing bench and field testing and continued coverage modeling to be used by the industry and the ACMA in achieving a cost effective DAB+ rollout to other regional areas.

Commercial Radio Australia is the trial licensee and on behalf of the ABC, SBS and all commercial broadcasters, requested extensions to the Canberra and Darwin trial scientific licenses to allow the industry to continue its commitment to the roll out of digital radio to regional areas.

The DAB+ trial signal in both cities is at low power but tests have indicated coverage at low power has been able to extend to a large part of the Canberra and Darwin areas. A boost was required to retransmit the trial signal into Parliament House. This has provided additional testing opportunities for in-building coverage in a challenging structure. The trial services continue to be subject to occasional interruptions and changes in power for ongoing technical testing.

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