Factum, Teracom Group Advance Digital Radio Across Northern Europe

March 14, 2013

Stockholm - Mar 13, 2013 - Factum and Teracom Group signed a long-term contract to ensure the continued operation of digital radio (DAB/DAB+) networks in Sweden and Denmark. The contract runs for three years and establish the basis for close cooperation and the further development of digital radio in the Nordic region.

Factum is a manufacturer of DAB, DAB+, DMB (Digital Multimedia Broadcasting), and NICAM, digital stereo sound for television broadcasting. Equipment provided by Factum is in operation in 45 countries, with customers including as BBC, TDF, Raiway and NRJ. It also provides DAB/DAB+ equipment in Australia, Germany, Italy, Norway and Switzerland.

The Teracom Group offers a wide variety of communication solutions for radio and TV. Its main product areas are pay-TV, radio and TV broadcasting, with capacity for data transmission services.

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