FCC Designates Frequency Coordinator for 2012 National Political Events

July 9, 2012

Washington - Jul 9, 2012 - The FCC recently announced through a public notice that it has designated Louis Libin, chairman of the ad hoc frequency coordinating committee for the 2012 political conventions (POLCOMM-2012), to be the single point of contact for coordinating operations during the Republican National Convention (RNC), Democratic National Convention (DNC), and the 2013 Presidential Inauguration. The committee was formed by the broadcast networks.

The group is authorized by the FCC to perform frequency coordination during the following time periods:
■ Aug. 27 - 30, 2012 -Tampa, FL, Republican National Convention
■ Sept. 2 - 5, 2012 - Charlotte, NC, Democratic National Convention
■ Jan. 20 - 26, 2013 - Presidential Inauguration, Washington

The designation allows for advance coordination of terrestrial auxiliary broadcast frequency usage within a 100km radius around the following locations:
■ St. Pete Times Forum, Tampa, FL
■ Time Warner Cable Arena and Bank of America Stadium, Charlotte, NC
■ The United States Capitol ,Washington
■ The White House, Washington

The Society of Broadcast Engineers suggests that stations with news operations that anticipate using wireless equipment to cover these events should be sure that the appropriate station personnel are aware of the coordination requirement and to contact Libin well in advance. Libin is a member of the SBE and serves as one of two SBE frequency coordinators for Chapter 15 in New York City.

Libin can be reached for frequency coordination by phone or fax at 516-374-6700 or at RFrequest@broadcomm.com.

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