FCC Launches License View

September 16, 2010

Washington DC - Sep 14, 2010 - The Federal Communications Commission launched FCC License View, a tool designed to make FCC license management information more transparent and accessible to a broad range of users. FCC License View is the latest release by the agency's Data Innovation Initiative, a long-term effort aimed at reforming the collection, use, and dissemination of FCC data.

With the new tool, users can digest complex licensing information through an online dashboard. FCC License View lets users digest snapshots of FCC license management data. As first launched, FCC License View has more than 3 million total licenses available. FCC License View is available now at fcc.gov/licenseview.

This consolidated portal allows users of FCC License View to access information on the number of different licenses across services, the number of licenses owned by particular entities, and how many licenses are up for renewal in the future.

The underlying dataset is composed of data across the FCC's five licensing databases, and gives users three options -- HTML pages, raw data files, and Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) -- through which to access and reuse agency data.

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