FCC, NAB, SBE Provide More EAS Materials

October 14, 2011

Washington and Indianapolis - Oct 12, 2011 - The Nov. 9, 2011, National EAS test is less than one month away, and more information and resources are being made available. Radio magazine recently reported on FEMA releasing its Best Practices Guide. Following a meeting at the FCC on Oct. 12, it was announced that the FCC will publish a National EAS Test Day Operations Handbook with specific instructions for the test. The special handbook procedures supersede the existing EAS Handbook stations already have (or should have) on hand. The FCC will make the special handbook available to all stations.

The FCC also launched a National EAS Test website, which has PSAs about the national test in English and Spanish in additional to other information.

Once the test is complete, broadcasters have 45 days to report their test results to the FCC. Because that 45-day date is Dec. 24, the FCC will extend the deadline to Dec. 27. The reporting site and details should be online later this month.

Meanwhile, the NAB has posted materials about the upcoming test at www.nab.org/documents/advocacy/EAS/EAS.asp. The SBE has also posted information at www.sbe.org/sections/gov_eas.php.

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