FCC Opens Filing Window for Educational FM Permits

August 12, 2014

WASHINGTON—The Media Bureau has announced a filing window for applications for noncommercial educational FM new station construction permits.

The window is available for existing, vacant FM allotments on Channels 221 through 300 (the “non-reserved FM Band”) that have been reserved for NCE use. Specifically, the Media Bureau will make available three non-reserved FM band allotments, which are listed in Attachment A of the Reserved FM Allotment Window Public Notice. This window opened Aug. 8, 2014, and will close Sept. 8, 2014.

The Media Bureau also announces a freeze, effective immediately, on the filing of applications proposing to modify the reference coordinates of any of the three vacant non-reserved FM Band allotments available for application in this window, or petitions and counterproposals that propose a change in channel, class, community, or reference coordinates for any of the three vacant non-reserved FM Band allotments. Any application, petition or counterproposal that either proposes any change to, or fails to fully-protect one of the identified three non-reserved FM Band allotments listed in Attachment A of the Reserved FM Allotment Window Public Notice will be dismissed. This freeze will automatically terminate the day after the close of the filing window.

Additionally, the Media Bureau announces a freeze on the filing of some FM commercial and NCE minor change applications. The Media Bureau will not accept minor change applications both located 250 kilometers from the reference coordinates and within the third-adjacent channel OR within 250 kilometers of the reference coordinates and on the intermediate frequency of the FM allotments listed in Attachment A immediately upon release of this Public Notice. The freeze will continue in effect until the close of the window. These temporary freezes are designed to promote stability and predictability for applicants interested in filing for any of the Non-reserved FM Band allotments. Any application filed within these areas will be dismissed without further consideration.

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