FCC Releases Broadcast Station Totals

October 27, 2010

Washington - Oct 22, 2010 - The Federal Communications Commission has announced the following totals for broadcast stations licensed as of Sept. 30, 2010:

Station TypeTotal
AM Stations4,784
FM Commercial6,512
FM Educational3,251
 Total 14,547
UHF Commercial TV1,022
VHF Commercial TV370
UHF Educational TV284
VHF Educational TV107
 Total 1,783
Class A UHF Stations443
Class A VHF Stations82
 Total 525
FM Translators and Boosters6,161
UHF Translators3,049
VHF Translators1,469
 Total 10,679
UHF Low Power TV1,860
VHF Lower Power TV527
 Total 2,387
Low Power FM864
Total Broadcast Stations30,785