FCC Releases Five Media Ownership Research Studies

June 15, 2011

Washington - Jun 15, 2011 - The Federal Communications Commission has released five research studies on media ownership. The studies are intended to inform the Commission's quadrennial review of its media ownership rules pursuant to rulemaking docket MB Docket No. 09-182. In addition, the FCC's Media Bureau is releasing a Protective Order, which establishes procedures for public review of the proprietary portions of data sets created by the authors of the studies.

The Commission will seek formal comment on all 11 studies within the context of the notice of proposed rulemaking in this proceeding and requests that all comments on the studies be submitted to the Commission for consideration at that time. The FCC is releasing the studies to provide additional time to review the results and the underlying data.

The five studies were conducted by outside researchers and examine a range of issues that affect diversity,competition and localism, three important policy goals of the media ownership rules. The studies are posted online at www.fcc.gov/ownership.

The five studies:

  • Media Ownership Study 3, How the Ownership Structure of Media Markets affects Civic Engagement and Political Knowledge, 2006-2008, by Lynn Vavreck, Simon Jackman, and Jeffrey B. Lewis
  • Media Ownership Study 5, Station Ownership and the Provision and Consumption of Radio News, by Joel Waldfogel
  • Media Ownership Study 6, Less of the Same: The Lack of Local News on the Internet, by Matthew Hindman
  • Media Ownership Study 7, Radio Station Ownership Structure and the Provision of Programming to Minority Audiences: Evidence from 2005-2009, by Joel Waldfogel
  • Media Ownership Study 9, A Theoretical Analysis of the Impact of Local Market Structure on the Range of Viewpoints Supplied, by Isabelle Brocas, Juan D. Carrillo, and Simon Wilkie

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