FEMA Adds to Leadership Team

May 28, 2009

Washington - May 27, 2009 - Craig Fugate, administrator at FEMA, announced several appointments in FEMA leadership in a memo distributed to the agency:

  • William L. Carwile, assistant administrator, Disaster Operations Division
  • David L. Myers, DHS director, Center for Faith-Based and Community Initiatives
  • Dr. Jannah Scott, DHS deputy director, Center for Faith-Based and Community Initiatives
  • Pat Hart, director, legislative affairs
  • Clark Stevens, press secretary

    Bill Carwile's career includes serving in senior positions in DHS, FEMA and as a senior military officer. He served as federal coordinating officer (FCO) and in other senior management positions on large federal disaster response operations between 1996 and 2005. Carwile was one of the first principal federal officials (PFOs) designated by then-Secretary of Homeland Security Tom Ridge. A retired U.S. Army colonel, he completed a successful 30-year career during which he served in command and operational staff positions in special forces, infantry and headquarters organizations.

    Prior to joining the DHS, David Myers served as executive director of Teen Living Programs in Chicago. He previously was the executive director of the Center for Public Ministry in Evanston, IL, where he developed a suburban homeless agency serving families and by creating strategic partnerships with neighbors, local businesses and town governments. In his new role, Myers is responsible for engaging religious and community groups in preparedness, relief, recovery and response and sustainable risk management among faith-based and community organizations within local communities.

    Dr. Jannah Scott has more than 10 years of experience in engaging faith-based and community groups on government issues. Her most recent role was as policy advisor, Faith and Community Initiatives in the office of former Arizona Governor Janet Napolitano. In that role, Scott was responsible for advising the governor on how the state could best engage people of faith and goodwill on behalf of Arizona communities, with a special focus on capacity building; military/veterans' affairs; immigration policy and international initiatives; emergency preparedness and stakeholder outreach to faith-based and community groups. Prior to her state government work, she was an associate with the International Foundation, host of the annual National Prayer Breakfast. In that role, she provided strategic support to the foundation leadership team and coordinated U.S. and foreign associate efforts in more than 100 countries.

    Pat Hart worked in the United States Senate in the offices of Senators Bob Kerrey, Bob Graham and Joe Biden, and was a professional staff member on the Senate Governmental Affairs Committee. Hart also worked on three presidential campaigns. In 1999 and 2000, he was deputy research director for Vice President Al Gore's presidential campaign, and was later the research director for Senator Chris Dodd's presidential campaign. More recently, he was a senior research strategist for the Obama-Biden campaign.

    Prior to becoming press secretary at FEMA, Clark Stevens acted as a spokesperson at the 2009 Presidential Inaugural Committee, managing communications for the Northeast region. Before the Inaugural Committee position, Stevens spent more than a year working in several capacities on Senator Barack Obama's presidential campaign, most recently as the communications director for his Virginia Campaign for Change. He also acted as the communications director and spokesperson in a number of primary states.

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