French Broadcasters, Unions form RadioCoop

March 7, 2013

Mar 7, 2013 - Unlike FM radio, digital radio (such as DAB+) is disseminated via a multiplex transmitter, and so to safeguard their interests, multiple broadcasters and professional unions in France have formed an organization known as RadioCoop, according to RadioActu.

RadioCoop is the result of two years of collaboration between labor and radio stations to find a legal form for a multiplex operator that adapts to their needs. With digital radio in particular, the choice of multiplex operator is crucial, since it holds the license for the frequency, and is ultimately responsible for the technical operation of the system. It is anticipated that this coop will be recognized by the CSA and will represent stakeholders in front of it. RadioCoop was created at the initiative of SNRL, the GRAM, East Radio, Radio Nova, and Frequency Mistral.

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