Frontier Silicon Reaches 10 Million Mark in DAB Receiver Chips

October 10, 2013

London - Oct 10, 2013 - Frontier Silicon has sold 10 million units of its Chorus 3 DAB/DAB+ system-on-chip processor. Chorus 3 was launched on Oct. 10, 2008. According to Frontier Silicon, the Chorus 3 has helped the company power more than 70 percent of all in-home digital radio devices.

Chorus 3 was conceived as an advanced programmable baseband receiver, capable of receiving DAB/DAB+ broadcasts as well as receiving and decoding Internet streaming audio. According to Frontier, "As the UK government prepares for its decision on digital switchover, Chorus 3 complies with all relevant aspects of the proposed UK Digital Tick scheme."

The Digital Tick scheme refers to equipment that works now, and will continue to work after the digital switchover in the UK, whenever it finally happens.

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