Frontier Silicon Receives First Digital "Tick Mark" Approval

May 20, 2014

London - May 18, 2014 - Frontier Silicon, a manufacturer of components for digital radio receivers, is the first technology provider to receive formal confirmation that its solutions are "Digital Tick Mark" compliant.

The Digital Tick Mark is being introduced in the UK this year to give consumers confidence that digital radios purchased are "future ready."

Digital Radio UK, which manages the Digital Tick Mark Scheme at the request of the Department of Culture, Media and Sport, has granted Approved Technology status to two solutions based on Frontier Silicon's best-selling modules1:

  • FS2052: Verona DAB / DAB+ / FM module

  • FS2029: Venice 9 DAB / DAB+ / FM module.

    In order to secure approval, FS2015 and FS2029 passed more than 1,800 separate tests, each designed to ensure the performance and reliability required for the digital formats and RF environment of the future. The tests cover a full range of issues, including digital tuning, service scanning, management of service reconfiguration, character display and conducted RF performance.

    Manufacturers and brands using these Frontier Silicon solutions will find a significant part of the process for gaining Digital Tick Mark approval for individual digital radio models is already completed.

    The Digital Radio Certification Mark (the Digital Tick Mark) is being introduced to assure UK consumers that devices they purchase are future ready. The introduction of the Digital Tick Mark for radio follows the successful use of a similar scheme for the UK's television Digital Switchover (DSO), completed in 2012. Manufacturers whose products meet the Government-approved minimum receiver specifications can apply to Digital Radio UK for approval.

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