Frontier Silicon Releases Fourth-Generation Digital Radio Chip

December 25, 2013

London - Dec 17, 2013 - Frontier Silicon announced the details of Chorus 4, the fourth generation chip from Frontier Silicon. The chip is designed to encourage the continued advance of digital radio by supporting all major global digital radio standards. Chorus 4 provides a chip for multiple devices, including consumer radios, the automotive aftermarket and, for the first time, smartphones and tablets. The company's previous chips have powered more than 20 million digital radios worldwide.

Key features:

■ Low-cost, single-chip device that integrates RF front-end, baseband, application processor and DAC (four chips in one).

■ Ultra-low power consumption that will allow one month's listening for 5-6 hours a day on a portable radio with four D cell batteries (comparable to FM performance).

■ Multiple uses for portable and table-top radios, smart-device docks, wireless speakers, hand-held receivers, sound-bars and audio systems.

■ Automotive aftermarket use for head units, integrated convertors and low-cost adapters.

■ Enables digital radio solutions for mobile phones and tablets.

■ Bluetooth connectivity for smart devices and digital radios to enable hybrid radio with interactivity and additional content delivered via IP, music streaming and remote control.

■ Integrated service guides to enable listeners to select stations from a single list of digital and analog stations regardless of platform.

■ Supports multiple radio standards, including AM, FM, DAB, DAB+, HD Radio and DRM.

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