GeoBroadcast Solutions Names Jampro Antennas as Exclusive Supplier for MaxxCasting, ZoneCasting Networks

May 14, 2013

Chicago - May 14, 2013 - GeoBroadcast Solutions (GBS) has named Jampro Antennas as a technology partner. Jampro joins Harris Broadcast as exclusive technology suppliers for GBS MaxxCasting and ZoneCasting networks.

According to GeoBroadcast, MaxxCasting expands FM signal coverage areas, allowing broadcasters to take full advantage of their FCC-allotted spectrum. ZoneCasting, pending FCC approval, brings hyper-localization to radio through targeted over-the-air content delivery.

Jampro will supply all antennas, combiners and support equipment related to installation of these components. The custom antennas are specially designed for these networks, providing the advanced directivity required to ensure both maximized market coverage and highly-specific regional targeting.

"One critical concern is to minimize conflicts created between transmitting multiple signals across the same market," said Peter Handy, CEO of GeoBroadcast. "Jampro addresses these challenges with custom designs that can increase or decrease directionality. This is perfect for ZoneCasting, where we are geographically targeting content across multiple zones in a single market. Furthermore, it is ideal for spreading coverage into areas of a broadcast market that is lacking a clear over-the-air signal."

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