German Broadcaster Regiocast Joins Euro-chip Initiative

February 18, 2014

Berlin - Feb 13, 2014 - German Broadcaster Regiocast has signed on to the EBU's Euro-chip initiative. The Euro-chip initiative is aimed at radio equipment manufacturers in general and producers of smartphones and tablets in particular. The Euro-chip isn't really an electronic part, per se, but a minimum set of requirements for a receiver to work with FM, DAB, DAB+, and DMB; it's a concept that EBU and the initiative's stakeholders feel with ensure the future of radio.

EBU Radio Director Dr. Christian Vogg rated the signing of the initiative by the Regiocast as another positive sign: "The future of radio is hybrid, a combination of terrestrial broadcasting and the Internet. I welcome therefore expressly that Regiocast has joined the Euro-chip initiative, and is takings its place in a group of well-known supporters - including the ARD, the BBC and other public law Institutions, inter alia, in Italy, Sweden, and Norway, along with private broadcasters such as RTL Belgium and the Sky Group in the Netherlands."

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