German DAB+ Facilities to Improve In-car Reception

January 9, 2012

Jan 9, 2012 - According to the database of the Bundesnetzagentur, (an organization that coordinates frequency use in Germany) 11 new transmission sites have been added across the country to expand DAB+ coverage. The goal in adding these sites was to improve coverage along major highways.

For example, along the A1, the 5kW station Osnabrück is now in operation, allowing uninterrupted reception between Bremen and the Ruhr. Between Hanover and the Rhein-Main area there are the facilities in Hildesheim-Sibbes (2kW), Göttingen (5 kW), Kassel-Habichtswald (4kW), Fulda (4kW) and Giessen Dünsberg-(4kW).

The reception on the A3 and A61 between the Rhein-Main area and Cologne Koblenzhas been improved by the addition of a new transmitter (10kW). Along the A2, there are stations planned: Bielefeld (6.3kW), Braunschweig (10kW), Drachenberg (2kW) and Magdeburg-Kapaunberg (10kW). This allows for DAB+ coverage on the entire trip from Hanover to Berlin via the Ruhr.

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