Global Radio Makes 12-year Commitment to DAB

October 1, 2012

London - Sep 26, 2012 - Global Radio is investing more than $24M with Bauer, operator of local and national DAB multiplexers throughout the U.K., according to WorldDMB news. The agreement means that Global has committed itself to DAB transmission for the next 12 years.

At the same time, Global has decided its regional DAB transmissions are redundant, and will not renew its agreement with operator MXR when said agreement ends next summer.

Regarding this subject, Digital Radio U.K. was quoted: "The release of the MXR regional DAB spectrum is good news for local digital radio as it supports the planning of the expansion of local DAB coverage, as part of the preparations for a radio switchover. Ofcom is planning to utilize the released spectrum in the planning of the buildout of local DAB coverage. Global has confirmed that they are fully committed to digital radio at both a national and local level, and have come to an agreement with Bauer for the distribution of their services on Bauer local DAB multiplexes."

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