Global Security Systems Intros Multi-Language Text Crawling and Audio for RDS Text Alert Software

April 7, 2013

Las Vegas, NV - Apr 5, 2013 - Global Security Systems (GSS) has introduced Multi-Language On-Screen Text Crawling and Audio emergency alert capabilities on Alert FM, its radio-based text-messaging alert software.

Implemented through the Sage Digital Endec, the Multi-Language Text Crawling and Audio is compliant with the Common Alerting Protocol (CAP) Emergency Alert System (EAS) for broadcasters, and meets Integrated Public Alert and Warning System (IPAWS) Open Infrastructure requirements.

Sage will demonstrate how its Digital Endec displays text and plays audio from CAP language-tagged information blocks in the language selected by the station, when that language is present in the CAP message. In addition, Sage will show its text-to-speech conversion for French Canadian and Spanish.

GSS, a company that specializes in CAP alert origination, satellite and internet dissemination, as well as its radio-based Alert FM, will showcase server-based text-to-speech application that allows a wide range of languages to be converted to audio, when attached to the CAP message. The GSS demonstration will feature server-side conversion for Thai text-to-speech.

The Sage Endec will have a live connection to Canada's National Alert Aggregation and Dissemination (NAAD) system, an IPAWS-like national system using the CAP-CP dialect of CAP. According to Sage, more than 150 Sage Digital Endecs are already in daily use in Canada, using either the NAAD system or the province-based NetAlert system.

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