Hapi Audio Converter Now Shipping

July 16, 2014

PUIDOUX— The Hapi audi converter from Swiss manufacturer Merging Technologies began shipping in June, in response to 120 orders.

Hapi uses the same AD8D/P and DA8/P option cards as Horus. It also has a compact 1RU chassis with two card slots in contrast to the six with Horus. Hapi is intended for a system where fewer inputs or outputs are required at a given position and it provides a lower cost entry point into the Ravenna/AES67 world.

The standard chassis has the following features:

• 8 AES/EBU I/O (on DSub 25)• 8 ADAT or 2 SPDIF I/O (on TOSLINK)• Ravenna/AES67 I/O (on RJ45)• Word Clock Input and Output (on BNC)• SYNC – LTC/MTC/Video ref/(requires CON-D15-VTC Cable)• 2 Option slots for AD8D/AD8DP, DA8/DA8P and MADI option cards• AC and DC power connections• Web browser control interface• Detachable rack ears for placement in standard rack

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