Harris Synchrocast 3 Enables Single-Frequency Networks over IP Links

March 11, 2008

Cincinnati - Mar 11, 2008 - Harris will introduce Synchrocast 3 IP simulcasting capability with its Intraplex Netxpress IP multiplexer at the 2008 NAB Show. With Synchrocast 3 IP simulcasting, Intraplex Netxpress users now can use Harris'' simulcast technology to create Single-Frequency Networks (SFN) over IP transport networks, which allows them to expand their coverage area and listener base.

Synchrocast 3 features upgraded hardware modules, plus new software that interfaces Synchrocast 3 technology with the Intraplex Netxpress audio over Internet Protocol (IP) networking platform. Until now, Synchrocast 3 was only available for Intraplex multiplexers, which use dedicated, wired T1/E1 telco circuits.

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