HD Radio Alliance Seeks New Friends

December 1, 2010

A press release from iBiquity Digital says the HD Radio Alliance will continue its strong promotional support for HD Radio technology throughout the New Year, and is inviting other owners to join the promotional party.

The Alliance promises to keep advancing HD Radio in 2011 with $110 million worth of no-charge spots running on 650 stations owned by eight radio groups that currently make up the bulk of its membership.

According to the Radio Advertising Bureau (RAB), HD Radio was radio's single biggest advertiser in 2009, thanks to donated inventory. But iBiquity and the Alliance are hoping to feel some love from other owners who are operating HD Radio signals but have yet to join their ranks.

Alliance President Peter Ferrara noted that his organization has waived previous financial obligations, format restrictions and commercial limitations as an inducement to bring more stations on board. "With only a modest commitment of inventory, other radio groups can make a significant difference in our efforts. We invite all to participate," Ferrara said.

A collaborative team staffed by Jacobs Media, Kevyn Howard and CBS Radio is slated to continue creative and strategic planning for Alliance through 2011.

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