HD Radio On-air in Dominican Republic

May 24, 2012

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic - May 23, 2012 - According to an announcement made by Dr. David Perez, the President of INDOTEL (The Dominican Telecommunications Authority) Ibiqity's IBOC system is on-air in Santo Domingo on a low-power station on102.9MHz. This station operates as a not-for-profit, and has historically programmed classical and other instrumental music. It now however supports HD2 and HD3 as well. The programmers of the HD2 have plans to expand the coverage throughout the island nation. The station, La Fria, is currently carried on 102.9/HD2 and 95.1/HD2 there.

Dr Perez also mentions in his announcement that the HD2 station has exercised a strategy to increase its acceptance by the listening public in the Dominican Republic. He says: "[the station] has arranged for the distribution of hundreds of free receivers to commercial entertainment establishments, with the result that it has achieved great acceptance by its radio listeners in a very short amount of time."

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