Ibiquity Digital Files for Intermediate Increased HD Radio Power

July 10, 2009

Columbia, MD - Jul 10, 2009 - In its July 6, 2009, filing in response to the Federal Commutations Commission's request for public comments (MM Docket No. 99-325), Ibiquity Digital suggested that the power level of the digital sidebands should be increased immediately. Ibiquity calls the current -20dBc levels "unnecessarily conservative."

Ibiquity states that the current power limitation is having the unintended consequence of delaying the broader adoption of HD Radio technology, thereby having a detrimental impact on the existing commercial FM radio industry. Ibiquity Digital urges the Commission to authorize an intermediate power increase of 6dB and work toward authorization of a full 10dB.

In its filing, Ibiquity states, "Ibiquity believes a power increase will enable broadcasters to bring the full benefit of HD Radio technology to the largest possible audience while maintaining the integrity of existing analog FM signals. [Ibiquity] urges the Commission to grant expeditiously the request of [various broadcasters and transmitter manufacturers]."

Ibiquity and Greater Media recently conducted tests in the Boston market to analyze the 6dB power increase. Those results are included with Greater Media's comments in the proceeding. Greater Media and Ibiquity feel those tests demonstrate the 6dB increase in power provides FM broadcasters with a significant improvement in coverage that comes much closer than the current digital signal to replicating analog coverage for personal portable product users.

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