iBiquity's Struble: HD Radio Receiver Sales Show Rapid Growth

August 22, 2013

Columbia, MD - Aug 22, 2013 - iBiquity Digital CEO Bob Struble's latest blog has some interesting information about the continued growth of HD Radio in the U.S. For example, from 2010 to 2013, sales of HD Radio receivers have seen 50 percent annual growth. Not surprisingly, most of that has been generated by new car sales -- almost 30 percent of new cars will ship with HD Radio this year. According to Struble, "There won't be an auto dealer in America that does not have HD Radio-equipped vehicles on the lot" by 2014.

HD Radio Sales

HD Radio additions to stations continue to happen, according to Struble. "For the past two years, 2/3 of digital upgrades have involved an HD Radio-on-translator initiative, often in small and mid-sized markets." Six examples are cited in his blog. "Real listenership is starting to build. As of last fall, Arbitron counted almost 3.6 million weekly listeners to over 500 different HD2, HD3 and HD4 channels. That's a 60 percent increase in one year. A big chunk of that listening is taking place on analog translators."

Read Struble's complete blog entry.

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