Inovonics, Arctic Palm Team on RT+ and Tagging

March 19, 2010

Santa Cruz, CA - Mar 19, 2010 - When RT+ was first introduced in 2006 it was intended as a way for FM receivers and mobile devices to take incoming radio text and identify specific fields in the text such as artist, song title, phone number or Web address. Once a receiver or mobile device is able to distinguish these fields, the process becomes interactive and listeners can initiate actions such as calling a phone number, voting by SMS or connecting to a Web address.

Now that the mobile device market has exploded and FM receivers are included in many models such as the Apple iPod, Microsoft Zune and a host of other cell phone manufacturers, RT+ offers broadcasters the potential to ensure greater listener loyalty, and new ways of branding the station and generating revenue.

Inovonics has teamed with software developer Arctic Palm to demonstrate how this technology can bring new revenue to radio stations at the 2010 NAB Show.

Utilizing Arctic Palm's Center Stage Live software and an Inovonics Model 730 RT+-enabled encoder, broadcasters can tap into additional revenue from advertising, data stream leasing, website traffic and song sales.

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