Ipod Nano Adds FM Radio Tuner

September 10, 2009

Ipod Nano

Sep 10, 2009 - Debuting on 09/09/09, the latest Ipod Nano has added a feature that many broadcasters have wanted for a long time: an FM radio receiver. The Microsoft Zune and the newer Zune HD include an FM receiver already, and it was one way the competing device gave itself a separate identity from the Ipod.

The new Ipod Nano also supports Itunes tagging and a feature called Live Pause, which allows the user to effectively pause the radio stream by buffering it for up to 15 minutes. The tagging feature was also available in the earlier Microsoft Zune by using an RBDS function. It appears Apple is doing this as well.

The Nano also adds a camera and a pedometer function. While still not as full-featured as the Ipod Touch or Iphone, these additions appear to be a response to the Zune's capability of being slightly more than just a media player.

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