Jacobs Media Survey: Radio is Transitioning to Digital

June 1, 2013

In Jacobs Media's Techsurvey 9 of core radio listeners, the results show that consumer listening may not only be high-tech, but also high-touch. According to Jacobs Media President Fred Jacobs, "Techsurvey 9 shows that while gadgets and new media continue to occupy the headlines, radio's ability to uniquely connect with consumers on their preferred platforms is the secret sauce for future success in the digital space."

The survey shows that radio is making the transition to digital by accessing station content on digital channels. When asked to recall their last week's listening to the station that sent them our survey, 14 percent of all respondents say they tuned in on computer and mobile streams, as well as other digital sources. The younger the generation, the more reliance there is on digital platforms to enjoy broadcast radio.

The media usage pyramid shows how consumers are accessing media. The data includes hardware, type of service and online connection. For online listening, Pandora remains on top of other Internet pure-play sources. In-car listening is still dominant, and 11 percent of respondents drive a vehicle equipped with a digital dash system such as Ford Sync.

Social media continues to be a prominent part of listener habits as well. But over-the-air radio listening is still a strong presence.

media usage pyramid. click to enlarge.

1 Using medium weekly or more
2 Using medium 1+ hours per day
3 Paid and trial users
4 No Canadian stations included
Click to enlarge.

Techsurvey 9 results were gathered online from Jan. 29 to Feb. 19, 2013. 264 broadcast stations across the U.S. and Canada participated, contributing 78,111 respondents.

Source: Jacobs Media Techsurvey 9. jacobsmedia.com

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