James Cridland Gives Thumbs Up to UK Radio Player App

October 1, 2013

Oct 1, 2013 - Radio futurologist James Cridland has tried the new UK radio player tablet app and has positive comments about it in his blog entry of Sept. 27, 2013. Just a few of the comments I find interesting:

"I have a hunch that tablets are more likely to be used as radio receiver replacements, since they have largish speakers. They should deliver considerably more time-spent-listening than headphone-delivered audio from a mobile phone: headphones are largely incompatible with 'doing something else while listening', while speakers lend themselves to that task with ease. Nevertheless, many radio stations have decent apps for mobile: but curiously few have capable tablet apps.

"The Radioplayer tablet app launched a few days ago simultaneously on iPad and Android. Radioplayer is wholly owned by the UK radio industry (unlike, say, TuneIn) and should offer the best user experience for a UK listener. You might have their phone apps already installed: or you'll use Radioplayer every time you listen to a UK radio station online.

"I played with the Radioplayer app on my new Nexus 7 (2013), and was impressed."

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