KJAC-FM Denver Returns to Air After Forest Fire

June 21, 2012

Denver, CO Jun 21, 2012 - More than 1,700 firefighters, National Guardsman and volunteers work around the clock saving structures and lives while trying to contain the most destructive blaze in Colorado history. Meanwhile a local radio station, Jack-FM 105.5 (KJAC-FM), has been off the air since June 11 when the fire interrupted the station's STL to its transmitter site near Bellvue, CO. The transmitter site is in the middle of the fire zone west of Fort Collins. The station lost its T1 lines and electrical feed.

Clear Channel Satellite (CCS) provided an emergency STL link via the CCS uplink located in Englewood, CO. With the new satellite uplink equipment and a generator, the station is back on the air. The Clear Channel Satellite system, XtremeSat Media, is an expandable satellite audio platform available exclusively through CCS. The XtremeSat Media Content Receivers (MCR) can expand from SCPC to MCPC; delay broadcast of satellite programs with cues; regionalize spot insertion; and deliver macro/playlist files, content and commercials over satellite or via network FTP server. The receivers also supply event logs; files played reports; content reports and receiver status reports for units with Internet connectivity, which can also be provided over satellite. The Shoutcast backup audio source with network cues is included to insure reliability.

The new receiver line was developed cooperatively by Clear Channel Satellite and 2wcom Systems, located in Flensburg, Germany. The satellite receivers are manufactured at the 2wcom Flensburg facility.

The XtremeSat equipment was installed by Creative Studio Solutions of Denver.

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