Liquid Compass Launches Mobile Streaming Division for Radio

October 6, 2010

Denver - Sep 27, 2010 - Liquid Compass is launching a new, mobile streaming division developed specifically for radio broadcasters. The new Liquid Compass mobile streaming division will develop and deploy apps that are designed to enhance the overall listening experience for the end-user and, for the broadcaster, build audience share and time spent listening.

The new LC ProM app, the first of many apps to be released by Liquid Compass in the coming months, includes enhanced Now Playing, social networking, favorites and on-demand features that benefit broadcasters and their end-users in a number of ways, including station branding for the broadcaster, allowing them to keep their brand prominently displayed on one of five available skins (custom skins are optional) at all times while the listener is tuned in; and functionality for listeners, allowing them to rate, like or tag songs for later purchase without having to leave or close the app.

Listeners can send playlist and like (stations or songs) updates to their Twitter or Facebook pages directly from the mobile app. Once sent, the update will post on their individual page, be clickable, and direct other-and potentially new-listeners back to the station.

Currently in final beta release, the new app is expected to go live in October 2010. It will be available initially for iPhone users and shortly thereafter on Android and Blackberry devices.

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