Marathon Technologies Provides Fault Tolerance for Enco

September 30, 2013

Littleton, MA and Southfield, MI - Jun 26, 2012 - Marathon Technologies everRun MX has been selected as the redundancy and fault tolerant system for the Enco Systems Enco1 virtualized automation system. Enco1 is a departure from the traditional model used by broadcasting facilities for automation system design and integration. It allows broadcasters to take advantage of all the benefits of operating their automation systems in a virtualized environment by utilizing existing IP audio technologies in a pair of specialized servers. Enco1 simplifies deployment, increases efficiency, lowers operating costs, and now with eveRun MX, offers high availability as the risks of downtime are eliminated.

Marathon everRun MX is a software-based, fault tolerance system that supports single and symmetric multi-processor and multi-core Microsoft applications. In addition to the core capabilities and benefits of everRun MX, radio and broadcast companies can take full advantage of everRun's SplitSite feature. SplitSite delivers disaster resilience by maintaining application availability between systems located in different, independent sites. If disaster strikes one data center, applications and data are available, up-to-date and fully operational at the other location - also with zero downtime and zero data loss.

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