Media Mobile, Teracom Partner to Test Traffic Data via DAB+ in Sweden

March 28, 2014

Stockholm - Mar 26, 2014 - Media Mobile is soon to start testing the distribution of traffic data, in cooperation with Teracom. This is a unique opportunity because both those in industry, and private individuals, are invited to participate in the testing. More information;

Also, the Swedish government has appointed an industry coordinator whose job is to make suggestions about how the country should implement the transition from FM to digital radio broadcasting by 2022.

It has been suggested that the future of radio in the country is distribution of programming and data via mobile broadband networks, as opposed to terrestrial over-the-air broadcasting. However, according to Petter Djerf of Media Mobile, that simply isn't practical. He went on to assert that there is simply no way to reach everyone, everywhere, all the time, with any technology other than O-T-A broadcasting.

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