Mediamobile Intros V-Traffic DAB in Germany

May 23, 2013

Stuttgart - May 15, 2013 - Mediamobile announced the launch of its German national traffic and travel service over DAB+ digital radio, using the TPEG protocol. The service, known as V-Traffic DAB, consists of traffic alerts and traffic flow information covering 190,000km of roads across the country. Both services can be accessed via in-car digital radios or infotainment systems, as well as personal navigation devices (PND). The service is based on data provided by Mediamobile's local partners. The information is analyzed, processed and quality-checked by the company's personnel to offer the best possible countrywide traffic overview.

The DAB+ network used for the new services offers a broadcast capacity more than 400 times higher than existing RDS-TMC services in Germany. For motorists, this means richer and more accurate traffic information. The system reports 20 times more traffic events, plus new types of events - along with precise location details and real-time road speed information. Drivers can now prepare for their journeys by finding best routes based on traffic conditions.

Mediamobile's ambition is to be at the forefront of the technology shift from analog (RDS-TMC) to digital radio (DAB-TPEG). The company already broadcasts DAB services in Norway, is running test services in Poland, and plans to launch V-Traffic DAB services in other European countries. Mediamobile also supports partners in UK, Benelux and Italy with the aim of offering the most comprehensive range of DAB-TPEG services across Europe.

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