MediaMobile Taps TomTom for Traffic Info on German DAB+ Network

June 20, 2013

Stuttgart - Jun 17, 2013 - Mediamobile has signed a new partnership agreement with TomTom, a supplier of navigation products and services. TomTom will contribute traffic information for MediaMobile's nationwide traffic service, which is broadcast over its V-Traffic DAB network.

German motorists can look forward to receiving traffic information over a data channel with 400 times the capacity of traditional RDS-TMC services. The information is transmitted directly to motorists' navigation or infotainment systems, helping them to travel smarter, to save fuel and to drive safely. The service is offered on a lifetime basis - a value-for-money proposition with no additional subscription or connection costs on top of the initial fee included in the equipment purchase price.

Mediamobile's V-Traffic DAB traffic service is broadcast over the DAB network using the TPEG protocol. The service has two key components: Traffic Alerts (TEC) inform drivers of events such as accidents, road closures and roadworks; Traffic Flow Information (TFP) provides accurate vehicle travel speed information covering 190,000 kilometres of Germany's major roads.

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