NAB Board of Directors Meeting, June 2009

June 11, 2009

Washington, DC - Jun 10, 2009 - The NAB Board of Directors met in Washington, DC, and handled several orders of business. Following are highlights of portions of that meeting.

Joint Board of Directors
NAB Television Board First Vice Chair Lynn Beall, executive vice president of Gannett Broadcasting, nominated Janet McGregor as secretary/treasurer. McGregor's nomination was seconded by TV Board member Michael Fiorile, vice chairman and CEO of Dispatch Broadcast Group, and passed unanimously by the NAB Joint Board of Directors.

Buckley Radio COO Joe Bilotta nominated Commonwealth Broadcasting President and CEO Steve Newberry as NAB Joint Board Chairman. Newberry's nomination was seconded by Fiorile and passed unanimously by the NAB Joint Board of Directors.

McGregor was designated as the acting president and CEO of NAB. She then briefed the Board on NAB's many on-going efforts.

NAB Radio Board of Directors
East Arkansas Broadcasters owner and CEO Bobby Caldwell nominated ICBC Broadcasting Holdings President and COO Charles Warfield as Radio Board Chair. Warfield's nomination was seconded by Sheridan Broadcasting Corporation SVP/CFO Susan Davenport Austin and passed unanimously by the NAB Radio Board.

Emmis President of Programming Rick Cummings nominated Beasley Broadcasting Executive Vice President Caroline Beasley as Radio Board First Vice Chair. Beasley's nomination was seconded by Ben Downs, general manager of Bryan Broadcasting, and approved unanimously by the NAB Radio Board.

Bustos Media President and CEO Amador Bustos nominated Tri-State Communications President and CEO Randy Gravley as NAB Radio Board Second Vice Chair. Gravley's nomination was seconded by Elko Broadcasting Communications President Paul Gardner and approved unanimously by the NAB Radio Board.

Emmis Communications Senior Vice President John Beck nominated Cummings as Major Group Representative, an NAB Executive Committee seat. Cummings' nomination was seconded by Salem Communications CEO Ed Atsinger and approved unanimously by the NAB Radio Board.

NAB Senior Vice President of Government Relations Mike Hershey gave an overview of a recently negotiated settlement with Sound Exchange regarding fees for radio stations that stream music online. Mr. Hershey noted that a vast majority of radio companies have signed on to NAB's agreement with Sound Exchange.

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