NAB Insider from Radio magazine - Apr 1, 2008

April 1, 2008


  • Tieline Launches QOS Performance Engine for Remotes via IP
  • HHB Offers Flashmic Drawing at NAB Show
  • Clear-Com Systems Eclipse Digital Matrix v5.0
  • Broadcast Electronics Audio Vault X
  • Neutrik IP65 Rated Opticalcon
  • Broadcast Software International Op-X
  • Broadcast Bionics Upgrades Phonebox Solo
  • 25-Seven Systems Introduces Program Delay Monitor
  • How Well Do You Know Las Vegas?
  • Adam Professional Audio A5
  • APT Worldcast Horizon HD
  • Vinpower Digital Xerox-branded tower duplicators
  • Inovonics Model 525
  • Sessions on Tuesday
  • Transportation at the Show
  • Heil Sound PR 35
  • Harris ZX5000
  • JK Audio Bluepack
  • Pinta Acoustic/Sonex Sonex Clean
  • How Did You Do?

    News from the Convention

    Tieline Launches QOS Performance Engine for Remotes via IP
    Indianapolis - Mar 20, 2008 - At the 2008 NAB Show, Tieline Technology will demonstrate its new QOS Performance Engine Technology over IP for its G3 range of audio codecs, which provides greater connection stability, with less delay, for live remote broadcasts over IP networks.

    The Internet and 3G wireless networks are lossy, packet-switched networks in which a percentage of data packets sent never arrive. Tieline notes that between one and three percent of packets are lost at different times over open Internet IP connections. This figure likely increases to between three and ten percent of packets via 3G networks.

    In a remote broadcast situation, broadcasters are unable to buy QOS (quality of service) for wireless 3G networks, and it is often impractical to buy QOS for a single remote broadcast for the Internet. The QOS Performance Engine Technology is Tieline's answer to this. The technology manages the IP connection and adjusts settings in the codec to allow for varying packet arrival times and provide forward error correction (FEC) analysis.

    HHB Offers Flashmic Drawing at NAB Show
    Old Lyme, CT - Mar 27, 2008 - HHB will award three line input-equipped Flashmics to attendees during the NAB Show at booth N8207. The drawings will be held at 5 p.m. on April 14, 15 and 16.

    Winners can choose a unit with either an omnidirectional or cardioid mic element. Winners do not have to be present to win. Submit an entry form or business card at the Sennheiser booth.

    Exhibitor Extra

    Clear-Com Systems Eclipse Digital Matrix v5.0

    Clear-Com Systems Eclipse Digital Matrix v5.0
    Intercom system
    Booth C 5908
    Version 5.0 of the Eclipse Digital Matrix intercom system acts as a central switching unit for communications across a broadcast operation. The system links Clear-Com V-Series panels and Cellcom wireless beltpacks and headsets for access to communication in the studio or in the field with more connectivity options. Working with an E-FIB card, fiber linking between Eclipse intercom matrixes of the Median and Omega classes enables large productions to tie their intercom systems together. Multiple Eclipse systems may then act as one non-blocking matrix using redundant high-capacity fiber, resulting in a large, high-quality, full-duplex communications system for mobile production and studio integration. An AES-6-RJ interface card allows the user to control remote V-Series Panels through AES3 stereo digital audio routers and consoles where the Eclipse intercom is required to talk over audio feeds.

    Broadcast Electronics Audio Vault X

    Broadcast Electronics Audio Vault X
    Studio automation platform
    Booth N7007
    Audio Vault X is a new studio platform with more capacity and flexibility for adding and personalizing format channels on the Internet or over the air. Audio Vault X handles complex segues, such as inserting donut tracks in the middle of a song, station ID or weathercast. It can even create double donuts: drop in a voice or other segment in the middle of a song or jingle twice. Plus, talent can manipulate fades, audio levels and other characteristics of segues. Personalized studio mashups combine studio tools and applications from more than one source into a single workspace. The Audio Vault X multi-thread engine enables talent in separate studios to work collectively off the same log, in real-time. Audio Vault X is a suitable for live-assist or satellite operation. The new platform offers on-air studio operation as well as a full suite of scheduling and production modules for multi-track editing, music rotation and ad insertion.

    Neutrik IP65 Rated Opticalcon

    Neutrik IP65 Rated Opticalcon
    Rugged optical connectors
    Booth N9029
    This connector has been upgraded for dust-tight and water-jet protection. The upgrade extends the outdoor capabilities of the Opticalcon, making it ideal for mobile trucks and other outdoor broadcast settings. This is especially useful when weatherproof extensions are required. To achieve a water-resistant IP65 connection, additional seals and gaskets have been employed on the chassis connector and cable ends. For earlier versions of Opticalcon cable connection systems, an upgrade kit is offered so it can be combined with the upgraded NO2-4FDW chassis connector or NAO2-4S75W coupler. The new cable ends are 100 percent backward compatible and work with all existing chassis installations.

    Broadcast Software International Op-X
    Studio automation system
    Booth N9111
    Op-X was built from the ground up and has been designed for both intuitive operator interface and ease of maintenance for the IT or engineering professional. The system has been in fulltime operation at more than 30 stations nationwide for the past 18 months, as product features have been enhanced and real-life testing has proven successful. The system features clock-builder and time-bending functions, as well as a satellite interface.


    Broadcast Bionics Upgrades Phonebox Solo
    United Kingdom - Mar 27, 2008 - Broadcast Bionics will be showing an upgraded version of Phonebox Solo at NAB 2008. Solo is an all-in-one PC-based broadcast phone system. It includes a multi-line call director, multiple phone hybrids, call screening with database, and an integrated call recorder and editor using VOIP or conventional phone lines.

    New features being introduced include the ability to conference up to four calls on one hybrid, support for a Linksys VOIP telephone, GPI external device interface, function key shortcuts and a set of caller classification icons for easy caller selection.

    25-Seven Systems Introduces Program Delay Monitor
    25-Seven Systems announces the arrival of its Program Delay Manager (PDM) in both IP audio and standard digital/analog I/O configurations. PDM offers full protection against unwanted broadcast content while providing excellent audio performance and 25-Seven''s unique PD Alert system.

    PD Alert enables the program director and/or other key personnel to receive e-mail notification that program material was blocked from airing, including an audio file containing the content deleted by Program Delay Manager. PD Alert eliminates second-guessing about what was and was not aired during the incident.

    Do You Know...?

    How Well Do You Know Las Vegas?
    By 1996, Wayne Newton had performed how many shows?
    a. 20,000
    b. 25,000
    c. 30,000
    d. 40,000

    True or false: The Las Vegas Stratosphere is the tallest, free-standing, observation tower in the U.S.?

    Bertha, the performing elephant at John Ascuaga's Nugget casino was how old when she died?
    a. 43
    b. 36
    c. 48
    d. 52

    More Products

    Adam Professional Audio A5

    Adam Professional Audio A5
    Powered monitor
    Booth N8120
    This powered monitor uses the same technology as existing Adam monitors. Technically, the A5 is a smaller version of the A7, and can be used either in stereo or to fill out a 5.1 surround system. Powered by 2x25W on-board amplifiers, the A5 combines Adam's accelerated ribbon technology folded ribbon tweeter with a 5" woofer constructed of a carbon fiber and Rohacell sandwich. The front of the A5 sports dual ports for low frequency response down to 55Hz, metal grills for added durability, as well as power and gain controls. The rear panel includes balanced XLR jacks, unbalanced RCA jacks and Stereolink, which connects speakers with input and output jacks, allowing the user to control the overall volume of the system from any one speaker's gain control.

    APT Worldcast Horizon HD

    APT Worldcast Horizon HD
    HD Radio audio codec
    Booth N8811
    The Worldcast Horizon HD is a duplex stereo codec that enables broadcasters to deliver FM and HD content from studio to transmitter site. With both a T1 and Ethernet interface, broadcasters can utilize existing T1 links for the FM transport and send their HD content as a UDP stream embedded in the T1 link, eliminating the need for additional bandwidth and cost. At the remote/transmitter link, the HD content is presented back on an IP port. As a fully duplex device, Worldcast Horizon HD allows off-air monitoring or an independent channel to backhaul RPU feeds and satellite downlinked audio. An RS-232 port is available for PAD and contact closures for remote control.

    Vinpower Digital Xerox-branded tower duplicators

    Vinpower Digital Xerox-branded tower duplicators
    Standalone disc duplication
    Booth SL 7709
    The Xerox-branded standalone tower duplicators offer the ability to transfer image files directly from a PC to the duplicator's internal hard drive, saving users the time and effort usually required to produce a master disc for each project. With a range of SKUs from 1:1 up to 1:15 writer drives, each operates independently of a PC. Several models in the line also provide users with a 256MB buffer memory for more stable and reliable high-speed duplication with a greatly reduced occurrence of buffer underrun errors.

    Inovonics Model 525

    Inovonics Model 525
    AM reference receiver and modulation monitor
    Booth N5829
    The 525 is a frequency-agile, wideband AM-broadcast receiver that utilizes a highly linear phase-locked detector to provide accurate off-air measurements of AM carrier modulation. An important feature of this new monitor is the ability to resolve the amplitude-modulation component of the station's carrier during IBOC Hybrid Digital broadcast operation. Positive and negative carrier modulation is shown simultaneously on a high-resolution LCD display. This can be switched to provide a read-out of received signal strength and asynchronous noise as well, two parameters that can influence the modulation reading. Measurement response is pancake-flat to 10kHz, although a menu-controlled low-pass filter in the audio-monitor output provides a cutoff that can be programmed between 10kHz and 2kHz in 1kHz steps. This allows the user to preview the sonic compromises imposed by pre-transmission audio filtering and to simulate the response of consumer radios.

    Session Highlights

    Sessions on Tuesday
    New Technologies for Radio Listening
    9 a.m. - 11:30 a.m.
    Room: S228
    Moderator: Steve Fluker
    Presenters: Junius Kim, Larry Paulausky, John Kean, Ellyn Sheffield, Alexander Zink and Johannes Rietschel
    Topics include: Utilizing IP Networks for Seamless FM Simulcasting over Multiple Transmitters; Practical Considerations of Radio Broadcast Operations in an Arbitron PPM Market; Consumer Ratings of Impaired Audio at Various Signal/Noise Ratios; Data Services for Digital Broadcasting; and Affordable IP-based Remote Monitoring and Control of Transmitter Sites.

    Audio over IP
    1 p.m. - 2:30 p.m.
    Room: S228
    Moderator: Talmage Ball
    Presenters: Johannes Rietschel, Pierre Robidoux and Steve Church
    Topics include: IP-based Audio and Control Distribution Over Internet, Satellite and Wireless Platforms; Rapid Radio Deployment Pack - Emergency Division; and Advanced Tech for IP Remotes.

    Future Broadcast Technologies - A Worldwide Perspective
    2:30 p.m. - 4 p.m.
    Room: S228
    Moderator: David Wood
    Presenters: Andy Bower, Bernard Caron, Klaus Illgner, Alberto Morello, K. Tonioka and Colin Whitbread
    Across the world, broadcast research laboratories are driving broadcast technology forward at speed. The Session will allow you to take in and question the frontiers of the research for some of the most active laboratories in the world, and to see the possible future of broadcasting.

    Next Generation Public Alerting
    4 p.m. - 5 p.m.
    Room: S228
    Moderator: Clay Freinwald
    Presenters: Edward Czarnecki, Jerry LeBow and Darryl Parker
    Discuss the status of development of the next generation Emergency Alerting Systems. Industry representatives will discuss and answer questions about technology and implementation, so broadcasters can gain an understanding of what will be expected of them in the future.

    Out and About

    Transportation at the Show
    There are various ways to get around at the NAB Show. Here is what you need to know from the NAB about the main resources.

  • Airport service: Taxi service is available 24 hours a day. The main taxi line is located just outside of the baggage claim area. Private shuttles are another good option. Several companies run minibuses daily between the airport and all major hotels, just look for the shuttle bus stand. When it's time to come home, the NAB provides a complimentary airport shuttle service available on a first come, first served basis. You can board the shuttle outside the LVCC Central Hall.

    Hours of Operation
    Wednesday: 12 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. (every 30 minutes)
    Thursday: 12 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. (every 30 minutes)

  • NAB Connector: The NAB is offering an LVCC intra-facility shuttle bus traveling around the exhibits halls. There are five stops around the convention center.

    Hours of Operation
    Monday-Wednesday: 8 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. (every 10 minutes)
    Thursday: 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. (every 10 minutes)

  • Las Vegas Monorail: New this year, the NAB has arranged discounted pricing for NAB attendees. Monorail service is provided to the LVCC from a number of hotels in the NAB room block. Automated ticket vending machines are located in the LVCC Central and South Lobbies and at monorail stations. For general monorail information, visit

    Ticket fares are:
    $5 single ride ticket
    $9 two-ride ticket
    $20 six-ride ticket
    $15 unlimited one-day pass
    $40 unlimited three-day pass

  • Parking: Paid parking is available at the LVCC. LVCC Gold Lot parking is located at the intersection of Paradise and Convention Center Drives. Daily parking fee is $10 and does include in and out privileges.

    For more information on transportation for the 2008 NAB Show, go to the NAB's website.

    Product Peeks

    Heil Sound PR 35

    Heil Sound PR 35
    Dynamic mic
    Booth N7039
    The PR 35 has been designed for commercial broadcast, recording and live sound reinforcement applications that require a smooth, flat response over a wide frequency range. It was designed around the PR 30 element and incorporates a sorbothane shock mount. The PR 35 uses a special magnet structure and a large aluminum 1-1/2" low mass voice coil assembly. The PR 35 is equipped with a three-position roll off switch. The cardioid pattern offers the greatest rejection of unwanted audio at 180 degrees off axis, which is directly behind the microphone.

    Harris ZX5000

    Harris ZX5000
    Low-power transmitter
    Booth N2502
    The ZX5000 transmitter is the latest entry in Harris' range of ZX transmitters, now comprising five models ranging from 500W to 5kW of power. The Harris ZX5000 offers a compact size for a 5kW transmitter for both analog FM and HD Radio broadcasting and comes in a single-rack size with an exciter and signal processing gear. As with other ZX transmitters, the ZX5000 supports tri-mode operation with on-the-fly switching between analog FM operation, HD Radio digital-only operation, or FM/HD Radio common amplification broadcasting.

    JK Audio Bluepack

    JK Audio Bluepack
    Wireless interview tool
    Booth N7929
    JK Audio combines Bluetooth Wireless Technology with professional audio electronics in a rugged new belt-pack design. Bluepack allows live man-on-the-street interviews through a cell phone equipped with Bluetooth wireless technology. Bluepack pairs to a cell phone like a Bluetooth wireless headset. A 3.5mm stereo line input jack allows recordings to be mixed into the broadcast. The 3.5mm stereo line output jack provides a full-bandwidth microphone signal on the left channel and Bluetooth audio on the right channel. The stereo headphone output gives a mix of the XLR microphone input, 3.5mm input and Bluetooth audio. The 0.5W stereo headphone amplifier will cut through any crowd noise. Bluepack also pairs to Bluetooth equipped sound cards and music players in full bandwidth stereo A2DP mode.

    Pinta Acoustic/Sonex Sonex Clean
    Baffles, panels and ceiling tiles
    Booth N6814
    These products are designed for environments that require noise control with durable, washable and cleanable materials. The baffles, panels and ceiling tiles are fully encapsulated in FR taffeta vinyl for efficient cleaning and long, durable life. They offer excellent sound absorption to reduce reverberation or echo. The Sonex Clean line is made from Pinta Acoustic's Willtec melamine foam core, which is ASTM E84 Class 1 fire-rated. Products are available in 17 standard colors. The baffles and panels are 24"x48"x2" and the ceiling tiles are available in 24"x24"x2" or 24"x48"x2"

    Did You Know?


    How Did You Do?
    In 1996, Wayne Newton celebrated his 25,000th performance while Siegfried and Roy celebrated their 15,000th performance.

    True. The Stratosphere is also the tallest structure west of the Mississippi River.

    Bertha entertained for 37 years at John Ascuaga's Nugget casino located in Sparks, NV. She was 48 years old when she died.

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