NAB Insider from Radio magazine - April 18, 2006

April 18, 2006

Inside this issue:

  • Propagation Systems Expands its Offerings
  • Burk Technology Ships Autopilot 3
  • Broadcast Electronics Demos HD Radio with Four Channels, Closed Captioning
  • Harris Sells first High-Power Tube Transmitter for HD Radio
  • Audemat-Aztec Partners with Global Security Systems
  • Harris, NPR Labs to Demo HD Radio Services for Hearing and Visually Impaired
  • Test your knowledge of Las Vegas with this quiz.
  • Myat 301-180-X series
  • Broadcast Electronics Audiovault 9.5
  • Neural Audio Neustar 4.0
  • SRS Labs CSE-06P
  • Sessions of Interest on Thursday
  • Axia Audio Accessories for Element
  • Orban/CRL 1020 FE
  • Audio Science ASI6614, ASI6644
  • Neumann TLM 49
  • On-site Transportation Services
  • FCC's Copps Joins Regulatory Face-Off at NAB2006
  • Notes on Booth Numbers
  • Free Exhibits-Only Passes
  • Out and About in Vegas: a hypnotic state.
  • Zaxcom TRX900, TRX990
  • Day Sequerra Performance Loss Module
  • Junger Audio Studiotechnik C8000, C8403
  • Broadcast Electronics Dashboard
  • Did you know the answers?

    News from the Convention

    Propagation Systems Expands its Offerings
    In addition to furnishing equipment, Propagation Systems (PSI) will now accept responsibility for all aspects of the RF transmission plant including the commissioning of the transmitter and providing a proof of performance to the customer on completion. PSI manufacturers a variety of antennas including the Powertiller well known for its radiation characteristics. PSI also provides multiplexers, diplexers, filters and multi-station antennas as well as rigid and flexible transmission line.

    Burk Technology Ships Autopilot 3
    Littleton, MA - Apr 13, 2006 - Burk Technology is now shipping the Autopilot 3 broadcast facility control software. Autopilot 3 works with the ARC-16 transmitter remote control system to provide PC-based facility management and automatic control for unattended operation. The new version provides an expanded feature set and refinements to existing functionality, including custom views for drill-down site displays, updated navigation interface, reintroduced the macro syntax used in previous versions, e-mail alarm notifications, data display on real-time charts and virtual channels for more flexible condition reporting.

    A fully functional demo of Autopilot 3 is available at New licenses and upgrades are available through dealers.

    Broadcast Electronics Demos HD Radio with Four Channels, Closed Captioning
    Quincy, IL - Apr 17, 2006 - At NAB2006, Broadcast Electronics (BE) will host the first public demonstration of four audio program channels via HD Radio plus a closed-caption radio service for the hearing impaired designed by NPR Labs. The captioning runs on part of the Advanced Application Services data stream. The demonstration is sponsored by BE in partnership with Ibiquity Digital with participation from NPR.

    The demonstration is representative of how stations might broadcast multiple services over HD Radio. A news/talk program will be carried on the main channel, with two music formats on the HD2 and HD3 channels. A fourth multicast channel will carry radio reading services for the visually impaired. A separate data channel illustrates closed captioning of the news/talk program for the hearing impaired.

    Mike Starling, chief technology officer of NPR Labs, said, "This demonstration features technology innovation from BE and proves that the concept is not just viable, but also within reach."

    The demonstration will take place at BE's booth N1808. Representatives from NPR Labs will be available at the booth during exhibit hours.

    Harris Sells first High-Power Tube Transmitter for HD Radio
    Cincinnati - Apr 6, 2006 - Harris has sold its first HT-HD+ tube-type HD Radio transmitter to Clear Channel radio stations WCOL-FM in Columbus, OH, and KRFX-FM in Denver. The HT-HD+, to be formally announced at NAB2006, marks Harris'' foray into the HD Radio market with high-power, tube-type transmitters. Dan Mettler, regional vice president of engineering for Clear Channel Radio, will supervise the installation and testing of the first HT-HD+ transmitter at WCOL. The KRFX installations (two 22kW models) will follow shortly after, with a combined TPO of 41kW.

    The HT-HD+ is expected to be available for shipping around July 2006.

    Audemat-Aztec Partners with Global Security Systems
    Miami - Apr 5, 2006 - Audemat-Aztec has delivered broadcast technology equipment to Global Security Systems for its emergency alert services. Audemat-Aztec RBDS encoders, FM/RBDS monitoring units and Broadcast Manager have been selected by GSS and are being installed to cover the state of Mississippi.

    Global Security Systems is a systems integrator, service provider and manufacturer of homeland security and natural disaster first-alert systems. The company has its headquarters in Jackson, MS, with offices in Louisiana, Florida and Washington, DC.

    Harris, NPR Labs to Demo HD Radio Services for Hearing and Visually Impaired
    Cincinnati and Washington - Apr 4, 2006 - Harris and National Public Radio Labs will offer a technology-driven display at NAB2006 demonstrating how HD Radio can offer radio service to listeners who are hearing and/or visually impaired. The demonstrations will be held at the Harris booth C807.

    The demo will preview captioned radio text for the hearing impaired and extended hybrid mode operation of radio reading services for the visually impaired sent over the HD Radio air chain. The complete proof-of-concept design will feature Harris transmission equipment for insertion of the program material in the HD Radio multicasting stream, and Kenwood and Boston Acoustics radios to receive the dedicated Radio Reading Service channel and a radio captioning display of an NPR program.

    Many NPR Member stations broadcast Radio Reading Services for the blind, a program that offers readings of books and publications over analog subcarriers, to about one million weekly listeners, or 10 percent of the potential visually impaired audience. The addition of this service to the HD Radio multiplex of audio and text-based services will provide easier access for listeners and increase reading service audience size. Similarly, the HD Radio multiplex can carry the new captioned radio text service to deliver news, weather and other important information to the hearing impaired.

    Did you know...?

    Test your knowledge of Las Vegas with this little quiz. The answers are below.

    Q: What percentage of all visitors to Las Vegas are return visitors?

    Q: What percentage of visitors to Las Vegas gamble?

    Products on the Floor

    Myat 301-180-X series
    Coaxial Transfer Switch
    Booth C817

    This series offers high isolation and low VSWR across all the broadcast frequency bands. The precision fit silver-plated and tellurium copper current paths ensure maximum power handling capacity, low loss and long service life. The series can be configurec for 120Vac or 240Vac. The control can be 12Vdc or 24Vdc. In case of power loss, the switch will remain in position once power is restored. There is also a manual override that can be performed when ac power is disconnected.

    Broadcast Electronics Audiovault 9.5
    HD-2 version
    Booth N1808

    Central to the new software version is the Flexscreen approach to the user interface, which provides broadcasters with various profile options for a personalized, on-screen layout. Broadcasters can profile workspaces unique to each show or format, as well as for operational continuity throughout the studio environment. This version also integrates production tools into the air studio workflow. Segue Editor is one of several tools now embedded in AV Air utility to give broadcasters greater flexibility to voice track or create music fades and other transitions within the air studio.

    Neural Audio Neustar 4.0
    Codec preconditioning audio system
    Booth C807

    A codec pre-conditioning audio system for HD Radio, Internet, ISDN/POTS, satellite, DRM, DAB, compressed STLs and satellite uplinks, the 1RU Neustar 4.0 features more DSP, a user-friendly front panel and TCP/IP Web control, and is fully field upgradeable for future expansion. By correcting anomalies in audio content before they are encoded through the HDC codec, the system improves audio quality, even at low bit rates.

    SRS Labs CSE-06P
    Portable circle surround encoder
    Booth N731

    This encoder prepares 5.1- or 6.0-multichannel audio for recording on two-channel recorders. The unit includes a surround headphone-monitoring mode, and SRS Headphone Pro, which accurately monitors discreet 5.1-channel mixes over conventional headphones. The unit also offers monitoring of individual channels and monitoring of the SRS Circle Surround-encoded stream.

    Session Highlights

    BEC Sessions Being Presented on Thursday
    Thursday, April 27
    9:00 a.m. - 10:00 a.m. The National Radio Systems Committee - A Report on its Activities
    9:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m. Digital ENG/SNG
    9:00 a.m. - noon Interoperability in the DTV Facility

    More Products

    Audio Science ASI6614, ASI6644
    PCI Express sound cards
    Booth N1514

    These sound cards use the next generation PCI Express (PCIe) bus. PCI Express is an emerging interface that uses serial data interconnects that run at 2.5Gb/s. The single lane PCI Express interface used in the ASI6600 series provides a peak throughput of over 200MB/s.The sound cards offer a faster DSP, short-length PCI format, +24dBu analog levels, 96kHz sample rates and SSX multi-channel support. All the features of the ASI6000 range are also present, such as MRX multi-rate mixing, MPEG Layer II and Layer III encoding and decoding, TSX time scaling and Sound Guard transient voltage protection on all I/O. Four stereo inputs and outputs are provided on the ASI6644, while the ASI6614 features one stereo input and four stereo outputs. Hardware sample rate converters are present on all AES/EBU inputs and a dedicated AES/EBU and Word Clock sync input are also standard. The new series features driver support for Windows WAV, Direct Sound and Linux ALSA.

    Axia Audio Accessories for Element
    Drop-in modules, studio accessory panels
    Booth N2714B

    New accessories for the Element console include interface modules for Telos broadcast telephone systems, and a Production Module and Motor-Fader modules that work with Element's Show Profiles feature to recall preset audio levels. Six new Studio Control panels interface with Element to give on-air hosts, guests and producers remote control of headphone selection and mic channels. Six accessory panels for the Element are available: the Mic Control/Headphone Selector Panel is equipped with an LED alphanumeric readout; the four-button programmable Smart Switch and five-button Film Cap accessory panels provide access to customized software functions; and the Producer's Mic Control Panel is for use at a dedicated producer's position.

    Orban/CRL 1020 FE
    Booth N1136

    This encoding application for netcasting, file encoding, podcasting, audio content downloading and mobile 3GPP devices supports the MP4 family of codecs including AAC and HE-AAC/aacPlus. It can produce Ipod-compatible podcasts that can be streamed live or played on demand, even when the file is still downloading. Also included are file hinting for streaming applications and 3GPP mobile phones. The system can tag and add graphics for album art and logos. Download quality comparable to high bit rate MP3s and WMAs in half the time, using half of the bandwidth.

    Neumann TLM 49
    Studio mic
    Booth N1822

    The TLM 49 features the K47 capsule used in the M 49 and U47 microphones. The capsule has a linear frequency response up to the upper mid-range. Above 2kHz there is a gentle presence boost up to 3dB. The capsule is enclosed by a large, acoustically open, neutral sounding head grille. The large 34mm diaphragm cardioid capsule has a tendency toward supercardioid performance due to the special capsule construction. The mic operates at SPLs of up to 114dB without distortion and a dynamic range of 102dB (A-weighted).

    Convention Events

    On-site Transportation Services
    Need a lift during NAB2006? Here are some useful transportation service details.

    The NAB complementary Shuttle service runs from most hotels in the NAB room block to the LVCC. The buses run Monday-Wednesday inbound from 7:30 a.m.-10:30 a.m. every 20 minutes and outbound from 4:00 p.m.-6:30 p.m. every 20 minutes. On Thursday, the shuttle inbound is the same schedule, but the outbound schedule is from 2:00 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.

    The NAB Connector is an LVCC intra-facility shuttle bus that travels to five stops around the convention center. The NAB Connector runs Monday through Wednesday from 8:00 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. every 10 minutes. On Thursday, it runs from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., also every 10 minutes. There is also a Gold Cart Connector complementary service that provides continuous transport between the Central and South halls during show hours.

    For those attending the show and need parking, paid parking is available at the LVCC. LVCC Gold Lot parking is located at the intersection of Paradise and Convention Center Drive. Daily parking is $5 and does not include in/out privileges.

    The Las Vegas Monorail has expanded its hours. Visit for more information.

    As always, taxis are available outside the LVCC, most hotels and the airport. Taxi fares start at $3.20 and are $2.00 per mile. There is a $0.35 minute fee if you are stuck in traffic or the taxi has to wait for you.

    The NAB provides a complementary Airport service to McCarran International Airport on a first come, first served basis. Board the shuttle outside the LVCC Central Hall. Its hours of operation are Wednesday from noon to 6:30 p.m., every 30 minutes and Thursday from noon until 4:30 p.m., also running every 30 minutes.

    For more information on all the available transportation services, visit

    FCC's Copps Joins Regulatory Face-Off at NAB2006
    Washington - Mar 30, 2006 - FCC Commissioner Michael Copps will join Commissioners Jonathan Adelstein and Deborah Taylor Tate at the NAB2006 Regulatory Face-off at NAB2006 on April 25. The session, part of the Business, Law and Regulation Conference at NAB2006, will feature all three FCC commissioners as they discuss current regulatory topics facing broadcasters.

    Notes on Booth Numbers
    Navigating the show floors at NAB can be difficult. Here's a breakdown of the different halls and how the booths are arranged.

    N-North Hall
    SU-South Hall upper level
    SL-South Hall lower level
    OE-Outdoor exhibits between the Central and South Halls
    R-RTNDA exhibits in the Hilton
    Lobby-Booths in the lobby areas. The lower booth numbers are in front of Banners restaurant outside the North Hall. The higher booth numbers, such as the SBE in Lobby 28, are near the Broadcast Engineering Conference session rooms S220 through S227.

    In general, the booth number follows a grid. The first digits represent an aisle (or column), the last two digits represent a row. In the North Hall, this is easy to follow. When you stand at the hall entrance near Banners Restaurant, N400 is in the front to the right and N4538 is in the back and to the left.

    The Central Hall is also simple. The aisles start from the front. When standing at the entrance with the bus loading area behind you, C101 is in the front on the left, C11547 is in the back on the right.

    The South Halls can be confusing because the grid system is divided into the front and rear portions of the halls. Standing at the entrance with the Monorail behind you, the lower aisle numbers are on the left and they increase as you move right. The confusing part is that the odd-number aisles are toward the front and the even-numbered aisles are in the back. Both levels are split about the midway point.

    While it seems that SU107 should be across the aisle from SU207, for example, it is not. SU107 would be across the aisle from SU307. SU207 is halfway back and on the left across the aisle from SU407.

    Convention Registration

    Attend the NAB2006 exhibits for free as a guest of Radio magazine. Click here to register. The Radio magazine registration code is RC2090.

    Out and About in Vegas

    For some reason, there are several theaters presenting hypnosis shows. Always entertaining to watch, here are a few performances going on during NAB.

    Anthony Cools-Raw and Uncensored show begins at 9:00 p.m. Thursday-Tuesday at the Excalibur Lounge on the Casino Floor. Tickets are $66. For more information call 702-492-3960 or 866-80-SHOWS.

    The Dr. Scott Lewis Outrageous Comedy Hypnotist show is located at Le Bistro Theatre in the Riviera. Tickets are $25.25. Show time is 9 p.m. on Mondays. Call 702-492-3960 866-80-SHOWS for more information and reservations.

    Hypnolarious is a hypnotist show at the Hypnotic Lounge in the Stardust. Tickets cost $42.65 and the show runs Wednesday through Sunday at 8 p.m. For reservations call 702-492-3960 or 866-80-SHOWS.

    Product Peeks

    Zaxcom TRX900, TRX990
    Wireless mic transceivers
    Booth N4227

    The TRX900 and TRX990 provide integrated audio recording, IFB receivers and timecode transmission. This patent-pending feature set allows audio professionals to record six hours of audio directly to a Flash card and then transfer the WAV files to a PC or Macintosh for postproduction. These transceivers feature integrated audio recording to eliminate the need for transmission between a microphone and an external recording device, to provide audio unaffected by RF or EMI interference. RF remote control allows production staff to change the parameters of a microphone-- such as mic gain, high-pass filter or the selected channel--from up to 200 feet away. Integrated RF remote control provides audio professionals with an added measure of control over the output of their productions.

    Day Sequerra Performance Loss Module
    HD Radio Alarm Options
    Booth N1800

    Day Sequerra will introduce a Performance Loss Module providing alarm capabilities as an option for its M2.0 and M4.0 HD Radio modulation monitors at NAB2006. Using proprietary heuristic DSP algorithms, the Day Sequerra Performance Loss Module cannot be fooled by pink noise or test tones, and will generate alarms when real program silence is detected in HD Radio or analog broadcasts. Unlike external silence-sense units, the Day Sequerra module can trigger an alarm on the loss of HD Radio-specific signal attributes, such as OFDM modem lock, MPS digital audio, multicast digital audio, incorrect analog delay bit as well as loss of analog audio (mono or stereo) and RF signal strength. The module has five assignable alarm outputs via 24Vdc 1A SPDT dry-contact relay closures on plug-in Euroblock modular connectors. Setup and programming is done via the front panel controls and vacuum fluorescent display of the host M2.0 or M4.0.

    Broadcast Electronics Dashboard
    Interface for IDI 20 importer
    Booth N1808

    The Dashboard upgrade for BE's importer line offers a menu operation and an automated restart for the IDI 20 Data Importer, which is used to provision and encode the HD Radio bitstream for HD2 multicasting. The system includes a click-and-go start-up feature that can be remotely accessed through a network or Internet connection.

    Junger Audio Studiotechnik C8000, C8403
    HD/SDI embedder, de-embedder
    Booth N3200

    Junger Audio will showcase the new HD/SDI embedder/de-embedder cards for its C8000 digital audio modular processing system. The C8403 dual mode HD/SDI SDI interface is an eight-channel audio embedder and de-embedder card for all standard HD/SDI format signals.

    Did you know...?

    A: 80 percent of of all visitors to Vegas are return visitors and average two trips per year.

    A: 89 percent of all visitors gamble with an average gambling budget of $500.

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