NAB Insider from Radio magazine - April 7, 2009

April 7, 2009


  • NAB Announces Results of Board of Directors Election
  • Kelsey Grammer to Receive First NAB Television Chairman's Award
  • Nautel NV Series
  • Propagation Systems PSI CB Series
  • Staco Energy Products Unistar C
  • Digidesign Protools 8
  • How well do you know your Vegas history?
  • Amateur Radio Operators Reception - an NAB Tradition
  • Dickey, Field, Morgan Join NAB Radio Board
  • AEQ AM-04
  • Enco Systems Presenter
  • HM Electronics DX300ES
  • Axel Technology Digiware Radio
  • Must-See Sessions
  • BTX Max Blox CA-MX35M
  • Harris Intraplex HD Link
  • Axia Audio Element 2.0
  • Audemat Silver 4B Mini AM
  • Free Vegas
  • How did you do?

    News from the Convention

    NAB Announces Results of Board of Directors Election
    Washington, DC - Apr 6, 2009 - The National Association of Broadcasters announced the election results for the organization's radio and television board of directors. The two-year terms of the newly elected board members will begin at the June 2009 NAB Joint board of directors meeting.

    Radio board. Incumbents are noted with an asterisk.
    District 1Peter Smyth *
    President and CEO
    Greater Media
    District 3Dan Savadove *
    President and CEO
    Main Line Broadcasting
    District 5Steve Newberry *
    President and CEO
    Commonwealth Broadcasting
    District 7Dave Hoxeng
    ADX Communications
    District 9Randy Gravley *
    President and CEO
    Tri-State Communications
    District 11Matt Mnich *
    President and CEO
    North American Broadcasting Co.
    District 13Julie Koehn
    General Manager
    WLEN-FM Adrian, MI
    District 15Bobby Caldwell *
    Owner and CEO
    KWYN/East Arkansas Broadcasters
    District 17Dana Withers
    Dana Communications
    District 19Jerry Hanszen
    Owner and General Manager
    Hanszen Broadcasting
    District 21Monte Loos
    Operations Manager
    Duhamel Broadcasting
    District 23Mike Novak
    President and CEO
    Educational Media Foundation
    District 25Peter Benedetti *
    President and CEO
    New Northwest Broadcasters

    Television board. All are incumbents.
    Paul Karpowicz, President, Meredith Corporation Broadcasting Group

    Ralph Oakley, Vice President and COO, Quincy Newspapers

    Jim Conschafter, Senior Vice President of Broadcast Stations, Media General Broadcast Group

    John Kueneke, President, News-Press and Gazette Broadcasting

    Paul McTear, President and CEO, Raycom Media

    Ray Cole, President and COO, Citadel Communications Company

    Kelsey Grammer

    Kelsey Grammer to Receive First NAB Television Chairman's Award
    Washington, DC - Four-time Emmy and two-time Golden Globe-winning actor Kelsey Grammer will receive the Television Chairman's Award, April 20 in Las Vegas at the NAB Show Television Luncheon.

    Best known for his two-decade portrayal of psychiatrist Dr. Frasier Crane in the classic NBC sitcoms "Cheers" (1984-1993) and its spin off "Frasier" (1993-2004), Grammer was nominated for four Emmys for playing his character on three different sitcoms with the third being a guest appearance on "Wings." Grammer is also an accomplished voice-over artist providing the voices for popular animated characters such as Sideshow Bob from "The Simpsons" and Stinky Pete the Prospector in "Toy Story 2" among others.

    The new Television Chairman Award was established to recognize individuals for a significant breakthrough in one or more specific art disciplines in television.

    Grammer is currently executive producer of the primetime television shows "Medium" on NBC and "The Game" on The CW Network. Other recent works include "Girlfriends" on CW and "The Sketch Show" on FOX. In addition, Grammer will serve as executive producer and star of the ABC comedy pilot "Pryors."

    The Television Luncheon will also include the induction of Bob Newhart into the Broadcasting Hall of Fame.

    Exhibitor Extra

    Nautel NV Series

    Nautel NV Series
    Solid-state FM transmitters
    Booth Number: N7016
    Building on the NV40, Nautel now offers FM output power ranging from 3.5kW to 44kW with the following product models: NV3.5, NV5, NV7.5, NV10, NV15, NV20, NV30 and the flagship NV40. The NV Series of products offer several unique capabilities. An Advanced User Interface provides more control with access from virtually anywhere, and the AUI increases station efficiency by making it easy for engineers to monitor and control their Nautel transmitters. Nautel provides a control system with a 17" touch screen interface that manages the whole transmitter and multiple exciters. Real-time instrument-grade spectral analysis allows a station engineers to quickly ensure that the station's signal is optimized for digital broadcast. All NV Series transmitters are digital-ready, allowing a plug-in Exgine upgrade to HD Radio broadcasting. Adaptive pre-correction provides linearity and IBOC transmission with no need for additional filters. Common modules across the product line are a plus for customers with multiple transmission sites.

    Propagation Systems PSI CB Series
    Cavity backed antenna
    Booth Number: C2329
    The PSI CB series cavity backed broadband antenna is optimum for a single station or multiple stations. This antenna features a wide band dipole element that excites a cavity resonator, maximum beam control, extremely low VSWR and a uniform pattern with flat response across a wide band of frequencies. This antenna may be arranged for an omnidirectional or directional pattern. In the omni mode, circularity is +/- 2.0 dB or better. Made of marine brass, copper and Teflon, this antenna is rugged and accepts deicers or radomes for environmental protection. The cavity itself is a galvanized welded mesh. Because of the extremely wide band frequency response offered by this antenna, the total number of frequencies is limited only by the total input power.

    Staco Energy Products Unistar C

    Staco Energy Products
    Unistar C

    Single-phase rack-mount UPS
    Booth Number: N2814
    Standard functions on these 1, 2 and 3kVA rack-mount models includes hot-swappable batteries, an internal battery charger, emergency shut-down and programmable receptacles. This double-conversion UPS protects from outages and irregularities in incoming line voltages from 60 to 144Vac or 120 to 288Vac at 45-65Hz. A steady sine wave protects downstream equipment even without going to battery mode. Each Unistar C features PWM sine-wave topology. The high crest factor of the inverter handles all high in-rush current loads without the need to upgrade the power rating. DC-start function ensures that the UPS will start even during a power outage. An LCD display provides real-time indication of all major system parameters and status, including load level, battery remaining and fault signals. Digital signal processing (DSP) provides the UPS with powerful communication capability, which enhances the flexibility for easy remote control and monitoring.

    Digidesign Protools 8

    Digidesign Protools 8
    Audio editing software
    Booth Number: SU902
    Completely updated with a new user interface, more than 70 plug-ins and virtual instruments, fully-integrated MIDI and score editors, and an expanded array of editing features, the new Pro Tools 8 software provides everything users need to create, compose, score, record, mix, produce and broadcast all in one application. At first glance, the most noticeable new feature in Pro Tools 8 is its redesigned user interface, which frames an expanded set of creative tools and a host of features. Enhancements, such as dockable Editor windows and a configurable Edit window toolbar, make it easier to navigate than ever before.

  • Do You Know?

    How Well Do You Know Your Vegas History?
    Each of these events happened from 1999-2002, can you guess the correct year?

  • Aloha Airlines announces daily round trips to Las Vegas from Honolulu and Maui.
  • The Las Vegas Convention Center celebrates its 40th birthday.
  • The Clark County Department of Aviation unveils $1 billion plan for expansion and renovation of McCarran International Airport.
  • Mandalay Bay Resort opens with 3,300 rooms.
  • For the first time, La Cumbre, the world's largest trade show promoting travel to the United States among residents of the Caribbean, Mexico, and Central and South America, comes to Las Vegas.
  • A $3 billion deal closes to sell Caesars World Inc., including Caesars Palace on the Las Vegas Strip, to Park Place Entertainment.
  • Four Seasons Hotel opens with 424 rooms.
  • NEONOPOLIS entertainment center opens downtown at the Fremont Street Experience
  • Virgin Atlantic Airways begins first regular flights from England to Las Vegas.
  • Paris Las Vegas Casino Resort opens.
  • ESPN Regional assumes ownership of the Las Vegas Bowl from the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority.


    2008 Ham Reception

    Amateur Radio Operators Reception - an NAB Tradition
    The annual Amateur Radio Operators Reception, more affectionately known as the HAM Reception, is a free-of-charge event at the 2009 NAB Show open to all attendees. This year's event will be held in Ballroom B of the Las Vegas Hilton on Wednesday, April 22, 2009, from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.

    NAB's HAM Reception is a big draw for both amateur radio operators as well as those who have never pushed-to-talk nor learned Morse code, with hundreds lining up outside hours before the doors open. Typically more than 600 people pack the ballroom, each hoping that they will be the lucky winner of one of the fabulous (and sometimes very expensive) door prizes (more than $15,000 worth of prizes in all this year!). This year the HAM Reception is co-sponsored by Heil Sound Ltd. and BSW.

    Everyone attending the HAM Reception is eligible to win a door prize, and is handed a raffle ticket upon entering the ballroom. This year there are more than 100 prizes to be handed out which have been generously donated by broadcast equipment manufacturers, engineering consulting firms, the American Radio Relay League (ARRL), and others.

    Dickey, Field, Morgan Join NAB Radio Board
    Washington, DC - Cumulus Chairman, President and CEO Lew Dickey, Entercom Communications President and CEO David Field, and Cox Radio Executive Vice President and COO Marc Morgan have joined the NAB Radio Board of Directors.

    Lew Dickey is chairman, president and CEO of Cumulus Media, a company he co-founded in 1997. During his broadcasting career, Dickey has run Midwestern Broadcasting and DBBC, which owns radio stations in Atlanta, Nashville and Toledo. Prior to his tenure at Cumulus, Dickey founded Stratford Research, a leading provider of market research and strategy consulting to the radio and TV business. Dickey holds a bachelor's and master's degree from Stanford University and an MBA from Harvard University.

    David Field is president and CEO of Entercom Communications, a Philadelphia-based radio company with stations in San Francisco, Boston, Seattle, Denver, Sacramento, Portland and Kansas City. Prior to his tenure at Entercom, Field worked as an investment banker for Goldman, Sachs and Co. in New York. He holds a bachelor's degree from Amherst College and an MBA from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.

    Marc Morgan was named executive vice president and COO of Cox Radio in 2003. During Morgan's tenure at Cox, he has served as vice president and general manager, senior vice president, and co-chief operating officer. Previously, Morgan worked for ABC Radio in Chicago and New York. He is a graduate of the University of Kentucky.

    Lew Dickey David Field Marc Morgan

    Products from the Floor

    AEQ AM-04

    AEQ AM-04
    In-rack audio monitor
    Booth Number: N5429
    The AM-04 works anywhere numerous audio signals must be monitored, even those that are part of a video broadcast. It accepts four analog audio signals, has two pairs of AES digital audio outputs with an additional analog audio signal, and an SDI video embedded audio signal. The AM-04's control system with single rotary controls and switches has no menus to navigate. It works in three ways: individual left and right high frequency, with common low frequencies, has a headphone output, and sports two pairs of tri-color peak VU meters, each with 26 LEDs, and a phase control between each pair of VU meter bars.

    Enco Presenter

    Enco Systems Presenter
    Automation interface
    Booth Number: N7607
    Presenter, like its predecessor DAD, supports all forms of audio technologies including IP audio, traditional sound cards, audio router control, console interfaces, and general purpose I/O, touch screens, etc. The single screen interface features a panel design with many user selectable tools including voice tracking, hot buttons, recording, database, search and more. Other features include cut, paste and block move of playlists elements, user tabs, backsell log and a number of new and refined user friendly tools designed for live assist and voice tracked operations.

    HM Electronics DX300ES
    Digital wireless headset system
    Booth Number: C7834
    The DX300ES wireless headset system for live event and remote broadcast production crews supports hands-free, two-way digital communication, with interfacing for two audio channels for external radio or intercom communication. Unique to the industry is HME's new Spectrum Friendly technology, which prevents frequency conflicts by enabling the user to select all or part of the 2.4GHz operating frequency range: low, high or full band. Ideal for today's frequency-congested markets, the DX300ES is a digital spread spectrum system with no license requirements.

    Axel Technology Digiware Radio

    Axel Technology Digiware Radio
    Playlist manager
    Booth Number: N2518
    Complete software for radio program management, automatic playlist creation, scheduling, broadcast report and statistics, Digiware allows multi-user access with rights management as well as single- and multi-radio playlist creation and editing. Digiware Media Management includes: songs, advertising, promos, radio sales, jingles, news, voice track, live events and external feeds, GPI commands, remark lines and technical messages. It features automatic playlist creation from user defined templates; policies basd on mood, bpm, category, popularity, etc.; avoids author/title repetitions; playlist export to automation software; differential advertisement zone management on multiple channel playlists; last second playlist modification with automatic playout update; station logs print out; wide range of stats and graphs; media browser for fast content search; drag and drop playlist editing; playlist view modes: grid, timeline and weekly; special management of programs not yet recorded or of unknown duration; technical parameters control: audio level, cross fade, mix, intro DJ, etc.; import from audio editing suites; integration with RAM-COMM traffic and billing planner; basic editing facilities; and client-server architecture, runs on any networked PC.

  • Sessions

    Must-See Sessions
    Could your station use just a bit more money these days? Attend these two great sessions on tower monetization and you just might earn that extra buck.
    Tuesday, April 21 Vertical Real Estate: Tall Towers Mean Tall Dollars Offered as part of the Broadcast Management Conference Should you lease your tower? Are you getting the fair share of the market from your tower assets? Is your tower business in good working order? Should you sell your tower and lease it back? What about the land your tower is built on? What are the legal, financial and operational issues you should consider? Learn your options and talk to the experts to see what works best for you. Panelists: Clayton Funk, Managing Director, Media Venture Partners; Gary Hess, President, Broadcast Tower Management; Gary Shorman, President/CEO, Eagle Communications, Inc.; Moderator: Erwin Krasnow, Partner, Garvey Schubert Barer

    NAB Tower Leasing Program Overview Info Session open to all attendees Tower Source will provide an overview of the new NAB Tower Leasing service available to NAB members. They will also unveil their new online exchange with increased functionality and an upgraded user interface allowing for a more efficient exchange of information between buyer and seller. The overview will be followed by a Q&A. This session is open to all and a must attend for broadcasters that own towers as well as service providers looking to lease vertical assets for their signal transmissions. Presented by: Tower Source

    More Products

    BTX Max Blox CA-MX35M

    BTX Max Blox CA-MX35M
    Solderless connectors
    Booth Number: C3448
    BTX solves the tedious task of soldering 3.5mm stereo cable mount connectors with the latest addition to the Max Blox family of solderless connectors. The patent-pending CA-MX35M is a 3.5mm stereo cable mount male connector that terminates with just a screwdriver and is ideal for use in applications where computer audio or IR control are used. The CA-MX35M consists of a 3.5mm stereo plug with an attached screw terminal block, along with a two-piece, snap-together hood. The rugged connector allows installers to terminate a 3.5mm stereo cable mount plug without the use of a soldering iron, saving both time and money.

    Harris Intraplex HD Link
    950MHz STL
    Booth Number: N2502
    This 950MHz STL was designed from the ground for today's data communications. Built around an integrated IP gateway, HD Link supports multiple channels of Intraplex-quality audio along with IP transport for HD Radio, and can take advantage of any available IP return path for TCP support with plug-and-play operation. The integrated IP channel for HD Radio program transport provides an ideal link from Importer-to-Exporter or Exporter-to-Exciter for both audio and data carriage, with a separate low-priority Ethernet port included for other LAN and control traffic. Advanced coding and error correction mechanisms provide resistance to bit errors that can cause glitches in HD Radio performance. Intraplex HD Link also offers powerful, reliable RF performance, high-quality multichannel audio performance, plus convenient set-up and reliable operation including full metering, monitoring, and command and control capabilities.

    Axia Element 2.0

    Axia Audio Element 2.0
    Modular broadcast console
    Booth Number: N7620
    Element 2.0 has features like voice and headphone processing by Omnia, peak and average metering, one-touch phone recording, automatic mix-minus for every fader, an eight-channel virtual mixer that lets you combine multiple audio streams and control them with a single fader, motorized faders that can assume pre-set levels automatically, and show profiles that instantly recall talent's favorite settings. And Element is nearly indestructible, with avionics-grade switches rated for millions of operations, bullet-proof optical encoders, silky-smooth conductive-plastic faders and a frame made from thick aluminum extrusions. It is available in sizes from 2 to 40 faders.

    Audemat Silver 4B Mini AM

    Audemat Silver 4B Mini AM
    Audio processor
    Booth Number: N7632
    Audemat's Silver 4B Mini AM audio processor, just like the 4Bmini FM, offers a big sound at a small price. Easy setup with simple front panel controls and lots of factory presets sound great in minutes. The Silver 4B Mini AM has lots of high-end features, like distortion controlled clipping, remote access via TCP/IP, an on-board scheduler for preset changes.

    Out and About

    Free Vegas
    Let's face facts: Most of our budgets are a bit tight this year. Getting to the 2009 NAB Show may mean stretching your budget just a little. But take heart, there are many things to do while you're in Vegas that cost nothing! Here are a few, courtesy of
    The Aquarium at the Silverton
    CBS Television City Research Center
    Conservatory at Bellagio
    Ethel M Chocolate Factory
    Fountains at Bellagio
    Fountain shows at Caesars
    Fremont Street Experience
    Lion Habitat at MGM Grand
    Marjorie Barrick Museum
    Show in the Sky at the Rio
    M&M's World
    Neon Museum
    The Sirens of TI
    Sunset Stampede
    Volcano at the Mirage
    Welcome to Las Vegas sign
    Wildlife Habitat at the Flamingo

    Did You Know?

    How did you do?
    Las Vegas timeline 1999-2002:

  • 1999 - The Las Vegas Convention Center celebrates its 40th birthday.
  • 1999 - Mandalay Bay Resort opens with 3,300 rooms.
  • 1999 - Paris Las Vegas Casino Resort opens.
  • 1999 - Four Seasons Hotel opens with 424 rooms.
  • 2000 - The Clark County Department of Aviation unveils $1 billion plan for expansion and renovation of McCarran International Airport.
  • 2000 - Virgin Atlantic Airways begins first regular flights from England to Las Vegas.
  • 2000 - A $3 billion deal closes to sell Caesars World Inc., including Caesars Palace on the Las Vegas Strip, to Park Place Entertainment.
  • 2001 - Aloha Airlines announces daily round trips to Las Vegas from Honolulu and Maui.
  • 2001 - ESPN Regional assumes ownership of the Las Vegas Bowl from the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority.
  • 2002 - For the first time, La Cumbre, the world's largest trade show promoting travel to the United States among residents of the Caribbean, Mexico, and Central and South America, comes to Las Vegas.
  • 2002 - NEONOPOLIS entertainment center opens downtown at the Fremont Street Experience

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