NAB Insider from Radio magazine - March 15, 2005

March 15, 2005

Inside this issue:

  • Broadcasters to Recruit Job Seekers at NAB2005
  • NAB's Fritts to Resign
  • The Changing Skyline of Las Vegas
  • Genelec 8130A
  • DK Technologies Graphical Leq
  • Gepco International VDM260
  • Broadcast Tools HPA-4
  • Tuesday in the Broadcast Engineering Conference
  • Sierra Automated Systems Rubicon SL
  • ESE PC-471PCI
  • JK Audio PBXport Digital Hybrid
  • Nagra ARES-PII+
  • Nautel Users' Group to Meet at NAB2005
  • More Than Just Gambling
  • The Pick Hits of 2005
  • Danagger Audio Works Plan B Deluxe
  • Audioarts Engineering D-75
  • Nautel XR12
  • Neutrik NP*X
  • Free Exhibits Passes to NAB2005
  • Destructive Behavior

    News from the Convention

    Broadcasters to Recruit Job Seekers at NAB2005
    Recruiters from broadcast companies Jefferson-Pilot, Emmis, Clear Channel Radio, Radio One and Univision Radio will meet with industry professionals, students and entry-level job seekers at the National Association of Broadcasters Education Foundation NAB2005 Career Fair on April 20 at the Hilton Hotel. The NABEF Career Fair will move from its traditional weekend slot to a new mid-week time on Wednesday and will be held in conjunction with the Broadcast Education Association (BEA) and the Radio-Television News Directors Association (RTNDA) annual conventions.

    Career opportunities will be available in sales, news, production and engineering. Admission is open to registrants and non-registrants of NAB2005. Job seekers may pre-register at A recruiter participation agreement form is available online to NAB member organizations by visiting the NABEF Career Center at, however, space is limited and interested parties are encouraged to register early. The submission deadline for recruiters is April 6.

    The Career Fair is part of NABEF's commitment to promoting diversity in the broadcast workplace. In addition to the Career Fair, NABEF hosts an online Career Center where jobs in broadcasting are posted as well as resumes from qualified applicants interested in radio and television.

    NAB's Fritts to Resign
    Edward O. Fritts, president and CEO of the National Association of Broadcasters since 1982, has announced his desire to step down.

    Fritts has a contract to serve as president and CEO until April 2006. In the announcement, he said he wished to give the trade association adequate time to find a successor.

    NAB Joint Board Chairman Philip Lombardo, CEO of Citadel Communications, and Immediate Past Joint Board Chair David Kennedy, president and CEO of Susquehanna Media Company, will co-chair the search committee.

    Do you know...?

    Test your knowledge of Las Vegas with this little quiz. The answers are below.

    The Las Vegas skyline has seen many changes over the years as buildings are razed and built. Last week we asked you to identify the year that some hotels opened. This week, match the hotel with the year that it was demolished.
    Dunes North Tower1998
    El Rancho1995

    Products from the Floor

    Digital monitoring system
    Genelec 8130A
    Featuring a 192kHz/24-bit digital audio interface, AES/EBU digital and analog audio inputs, as well as automatic detection of word length and sampling frequency, the 8130A is the latest addition to the 8000 MDE Series of bi-amplified active monitors. The unit features a 5" bass driver along with a 3/4-inch tweeter loaded into an advanced DCW. The free-field frequency response is 58Hz to 20kHz (+/-2.0dB). Peak SPL per pair is 108dB, driven by a pair of 40W amplifiers.
    fax 508-652-0909

    Software for MSD600M++
    DK Technologies Graphical Leq
    Designed for the company's flagship audio meter, the MSD600M++, this software is aimed at engineers and producers that need to monitor surround sound productions. The software package allows users to mix to the highest score on the Leq loudness standard. A SMPTE timecode input brings automated start/stop points and provides a direct readout of where the sound material can be optimized for loudness. There is also new Windows-based software for internal matrix setting, a USB interface utility module and BNC versions of the input/output modules.
    +45 4485 0255
    fax +45 4485 0250

    Coax cable
    Gepco International VDM260
    An ultra-miniature, high-definition coax, this cable achieves low weight and small size without sacrificing the electrical and mechanical properties required for reliable transmission in broadcast applications. This cable offers an ultra-thin profile, is low weight, easy to terminate and has a broadband foil and braid shield that offers better RF/EMI protection and greater structural integrity than many other types of shields. It also provides 75 ohm impedance and low structural return loss up to 3GHz.
    fax 847-795-8770

    Headphone amp
    Broadcast Tools HPA-4
    This amp powers up to four sets of headphones. Each output is supplied with a stereo amplifier and may be configured to accept cue audio on the left headphone with a simple contact closure to ground. Front and rear panel TRS jacks are provided with each output, along with a front panel level control. The stereo balanced input is adjustable with the front panel master level control. The balanced cue input is equipped with a rear-panel trimmer. The amp is powered by a surge-protected, internal, bi-polar 15Vdc power supply. The half rack profile allows the unit to be set on a desktop, mounted on a wall or as part of the new RA-1, Rack-Able mounting shelf.
    fax 360-854-9479

    Session Highlights

    Tuesday in the Broadcast Engineering Conference
    Tuesday's morning presentations look at practical installations in the session Radio Broadcast Facilities. Topics include discussion of AM feeder design, a look at the Clear Channel LA consolidation project, challenging remote broadcasts, building the WOR facility and construction of the 4 Times Square New York tower site.

    The session Leading Edge Technologies covers mostly TV topics, but there is one hidden radio gem called BRIC Technology - Responding to the Changing Telecom Industry with Reliable, Real-Time, Broadcast Audio Delivery on the Public Internet. Tom Hartnett of Comrex provides the details about the changes coming in telephony. In a few years, POTS and ISDN lines will not likely see the same support that they do today. Some areas are already abandoning ISDN service. Hartnett will discuss a new way of delivering remote broadcast audio. POTS, ISDN, IP codecs and Voice over IP systems blend to form the basis of BRIC, which is based on packet networking, to deliver reliable, low-delay and high-quality audio from remote sites using easily obtainable, inexpensive circuits.

    The session Broadcast Technical Regulatory Issues on Tuesday afternoon leans toward TV in its scope, but the presentation Broadcast Auxiliary Service - A Frequency Coordination Primer by Tim Hardy of Comsearch and Wireless Device Interference to UHF Television by Bill Ruck should carry some radio relevance.

    More Products

    Broadcast console
    Sierra Automated Systems Rubicon SL
    The Rubicon SL radio broadcast console control surface is designed for the smaller market station or less demanding studio. Like its bigger brother Rubicon, the SL offers complete integration with the SAS 32KD and the SAS Connected Digital Network, as well as stand-alone operation with the new upgraded Riolink mixer and router.
    fax 818-840-6751

    PCI time code interface
    ESE PC-471PCI
    A time code interface card for PC/compatible computers, the PCI card receives SMPTE, EBU or ESE time code, and using the supplied software will automatically synchronize the PC's internal time-of-day clock. The time code input is provided via a rear-mounted BNC connector. Included is a Windows software application, which allows time code selection (SMPTE, EBU or ESE), time zone offset (to a time zone other than that of the master clock or other source of time code) and time frequency update.
    fax 310-322-8127

    Rackmount digital hybrid
    JK Audio PBXport Digital Hybrid
    This digital hybrid is capable of providing talkshow-quality caller audio from a PBX phone system. The system allows the user to send mic- or line-level signals into a PBX telephone system while maintaining separation between the host's voice and the caller. The balanced XLR output jack contains only the caller''s voice allowing full duplex voice conferencing through the existing PBX phone system without echo and feedback. The unit provides connections for a microphone, headphones, mixer, telephone handset and a telephone set. The digital hybrid sends an audio signal into the PBX telephone system through the telephone handset cord. The Digital Signal Processor continuously monitors the transmit and receive audio signals to deliver separation.
    fax 815-786-8502

    Audio recorder, player
    Nagra ARES-PII+
    A solid-state recorder intended for capturing high-quality audio, the ARES-PII+ is primarily designed for field reporters. Using PCMCIA or Compact Flash memory cards, the unit records linear PCM mono or stereo audio. Optional MPEG compression allows for a long recording time on a reusable and reliable medium. The unit is powered by five AA batteries or rechargeable cells to provide more than 10 hours of recording time. A 12-pin DIN connector provides the mic and line inputs. The recorder will work with the Nagra mono or stereo electret mics or with standard dynamic mics. Phantom +48V power is also provided. Instant start-up, one-button recording, a Takes directory, a large back-lit display, automatic level control and internal loudspeaker are some of the additional features. Optional internal software authorizations allow the machine to record MPEG compressed audio, to emulate a Digigram PCX sound card via USB and perform internal audio editing in the field.
    fax 615-726-5189

    Convention Events

    Nautel Users' Group to Meet at NAB2005
    Bangor, ME - Jan 28, 2005 - Nautel will host its annual Nautel Users' Group (NUG) event on April 17 at the Riviera Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. NUG@NAB2005 will combine theory and practical application in an informal setting intended to encourage discussion.

    Topics covered during the half-day event will include:

  • An introduction to Nautel's new 12kW, 25kW, and 50kW AM transmitter series, the Virtuoso FMIBOC transmitter series, and the Maestro M50 digital FM exciter.
  • A video demonstration and overview of Nautel's FM HD Radio adaptive pre-correction technology.
  • A case study on implementing HD Radio as experienced by Mike Pappas, chief engineer of KUVO, Colorado's first HD Radio station.
  • AM & FM transmitter maintenance tips and tricks from Nautel's customer service department.
  • Roundtable discussions on transmitter issues and solutions led by Nautel's design engineers and other key personnel.

    NUG@NAB2005 is free to interested Nautel users and will be held April 17 from 9 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. At the Riviera Hotel and Casino.

    Out and About in Las Vegas

    More Than Just Gambling
    There are several museums in Las Vegas. Some feature pop culture, some highlight history. Find on that suits your mood.

  • Casino Legends Hall of Fame
    Tropicana Resort and Casino
    Offers a large collection of Nevada casino and entertainment memorabilia.

  • Imperial Palace Auto Collection
    More than 200 antique and specialty autos and classic cars. This display is constantly rotated from the hotel's collection. See Hitler's 1939 Mercedes-Benz or John F. Kennedy's Bubbletop Limo. The collection of Duesenbergs is second to none. Bring your AAA club membership card or catch the wandering hostess at the antique car display out front of the hotel and you can get in free.

  • Lost City Museum of Archeology
    721 S. Moapa Valley Blvd (Hwy 169), Overton
    About 60 miles north of Las Vegas, this collection of early Pueblo Indian artifacts includes a full-scale reconstruction of an Indian pueblo structure.

  • Shelby Museum
    6755 Speedway Blvd.
    Carroll Shelby manufactures his famous Shelby performance cars in his new facility located near the Las Vegas International Speedway. Open Mon-Fri 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. with a free tour at 10:30 a.m.

  • Neon Sign Museum
    Located at the entrance to the Fremont Street Experience, the City of Las Vegas bought the retired neon signs of Las Vegas' legendary locales for all to see. There are currently about a dozen neon signs of history scattered about the area and the adjacent Neonopolis plaza. Open 24 hours, free admission.

    Emerging Technology

    The Pick Hits of 2005
    For more than 20 years, the Pick Hit Awards have defined new and innovative technology. Radio magazine will award its Pick Hits of NAB2005 on the afternoon of April 20. Look for the placards and blue ribbons in the booths of the honored manufacturers.

    Created in 1985, the Pick Hit Awards are the original NAB technology recognition and still the most valued.

    Product Peeks

    Digital/analog silence sensor
    Danagger Audio Works Plan B Deluxe
    This self contained, 2RU system features a digital silence sensor; replacement audio from hard drive, Compact Flash or CD-R; Internet and phone line accessibility; WAV, MP2 and MP3 playback; a four-channel voice remote control; a global listen line; and switching options for a secondary live program source (AES3 or analog). When the unit senses silence or constant amplitude noise for a user-defined period, it injects replacement audio appropriate to the current daypart. Rotation rules can be easily set up to select playback cuts from user directories, just like an automation system. Files can be directly uploaded to the system from most automation systems via the Web or an in-house network. The unit can also be programmed to automatically put itself on the air at a specific time of day. Outages are reported by phone or e-mail, and are recorded in a Web-accessible log file along with the cuts the system played during the outage.
    fax 250-763-2902

    On-air radio console
    Audioarts Engineering D-75
    This modular console comes with four stereo busses, dual-domain outputs, sample rate conversion on all digital inputs, and interchangeable input module daughter cards for easy analog-to-digital field switches. The hinged meterbridge swings up for easy access to console dipswitch programming. LED meter displays add to the functionality of the meterbridge with full-scale digital peak plus VU metering. The switching features LED illumination and an automatic timer, built-in machine interface and clock all come standard. The unit may also be ordered with an optional Superphone module, which supports two callers. A compact, tabletop design, the D-75 is currently available in a 13- and 21-fader mainframe.
    fax 252-637-1285

    Digital transmitter
    Nautel XR12
    As the fourth generation of Nautel 12kW AM transmitters, this modular HD Radio/DRM digital transmitter features reserve power for aggressive signal processing and 155 percent positive peak program modulation at 10kW to produce more sideband energy and a stronger signal. With two power modules and one standby module, full power will automatically be maintained even under fault conditions. Power modules are hot-pluggable and can be removed and replaced without a moment''s interruption in transmission. For even greater redundancy, the XR12 comes with a complete standby DDS exciter section including a modulation encoder with automatic changeover. Operation, diagnostics and status are performed on a 240 x 60 LCD graphical user interface with an on-board real time clock and 128 time stamped event log.
    fax 207-947-3693

    Phone plugs
    Neutrik NP*X
    Previously introduced as the C+ series, these 1/4" phone plugs offer a chuck-type strain relief that provides higher cable retention force. The phone plugs are all metal and available in mono and stereo versions with nickel or gold-plated contacts and nickel, black or velour chrome housings.
    fax 732-901-9608

    Convention Registration

    Free Exhibits Passes to NAB2005
    Be a guest of Radio magazine at NAB2005. Follow this link to register for a free exhibits-only pass for the convention. The Radio magazine code is AC46.

    Did you know...?

    Destructive Behavior
    The hotels were demolished in the following years: Dunes North Tower 1993, Sands 1996, Landmark 1995, Alladin 1998, El Rancho 2000.

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