NAB Insider from Radio magazine - March 22, 2005

March 22, 2005

In this issue:

  • Gage to Keynote Radio Luncheon
  • Leadership Training Weekend to Debut at NAB2005
  • Tomorrow Radio Set to Shine
  • Neutrik NC**XX series
  • DK Technologies MSD100C
  • Bird Electronic BPM-E
  • Harris Flexstar HDI-100 and HDE-100
  • Wednesday in the Broadcast Engineering Conference
  • Propagation Systems Inc Low-power FM antenna
  • Orban Optimod-FM 5300
  • Logitek Mosaic
  • Burk Technology Autopilot 3
  • V-Soft Communications to Host FCC Broadcast Engineering Training Seminar
  • Getting Around via the Monorail
  • Take the FASTtrack With You
  • Marantz PMD660
  • Dielectric HD Plus
  • Neumann BCM 705
  • ESE ES-185U
  • Free Exhibits Passes to NAB2005

    News from the Convention

    Gage to Keynote Radio Luncheon
    Sun Microsystems co-founder and chief researcher John Gage will deliver the keynote address at this year's Radio Luncheon. The luncheon is held April 19 from noon to 1:45 p.m. A ticket is required to attend.

    Gage speaks regularly and is known for providing food for thought to his audiences.

    In his capacity at Sun Microsystems, Gage regularly hosts Sun's Digital Journey, a series of broadcast and Web-based programs that seek to gain a more complete understanding of new and emerging technologies.

    Leadership Training Weekend to Debut at NAB2005
    A newly created training weekend will be held April 16 and 17 at NAB2005. Presented in two sections, the leadership training weekend will feature broadcast-specific sessions offering strategies and grab-and-go techniques to help managers create a fulfilling, high-performance work environment.

    Noll and Associates consultants Kennen Williams and Tim Daniels will open the first half of the leadership weekend on Saturday afternoon as they present Leading Into the Future. In this session, participants will learn how and why to replace dated, micro-management tactics with modern employee empowerment techniques. On Sunday morning, attendees will pursue the next step of turning intentions into actions. Space is limited; NAB2005 full-conference registrants must request registration information for this session by sending an e-mail to

    On Sunday afternoon, the NAB Education Programs present Professor John Lavine, director of the Media Management Institute at Northwestern University who will discuss Grand Slam Strategy: Determining Your Winning Game Plan. In this session, attendees will discover how a review of strategic theory and practical applications can reenergize their station's strategy for success. The final session, Spring Training: The Experts Are In, will provide participants an opportunity to have burning questions answered by professionals in the fields of digital radio, diversity marketing, group executive management, finance/brokerage and research/ratings.

    Tomorrow Radio Set to Shine
    The joint NPR, Harris and Kenwood project to create a secondary audio channel for an FM IBOC station will be showcased at NAB2005.

    Harris will showcase a continuous Tomorrow Radio demonstration in its booth, C1907. The demonstration will use Mini-HD series of separate-amplification transmitters, Flexstar HDI-100 importer, and Dexstar HD Radio exciter.

    Broadcast Electronics will demonstrate its IDi line of HD Radio data importers. These importers are capable of multiple secondary program services. Broadcast Electronics will be in booth N1802.

    Products from the Floor

    XLR connector
    Neutrik NC**XX series
    Similar in style to the NP*X series of quarter-inch phone plugs, the NC**XX series is available in three- to seven-pole configurations. The compact styled die cast shell has internal threads that mate with the external threads on the boot to eliminate damage sometimes found on exposed threads. Additional features include a female cage-type contact that increases conductivity and reduces wear of the male contacts and a new ground contact that provides better integrity between the chassis and cable connectors. The connector is available in nickel housing with silver contacts, black metal housing with silver contacts and black metal housing with gold contacts.
    fax 732-901-9608

    Stereo audio meter
    DK Technologies MSD100C
    By providing only three presets from which to choose, the daily operation of this meter is simplified for the user. It provides two PPMs analog input mode, two PPMs digital input mode and four PPMs both analog and digital mode. The meter features a color VGA screen and comes with two audio input pairs: one stereo analog and one AES-3 digital input channel. It accepts up to 96kHz on the digital input and has 24-bit A/D. The meter also incorporates a Goniometer (Audio Vector Oscilloscope) and a phasemeter. The meter supports multiple PPM standards. Other features include a level meter with user definable scales and reference levels and a wall plug power supply.
    +45 4485 0255
    fax +45 4485 0250

    Broadcast power monitor
    Bird Electronic BPM-E
    This system offers users more options in how they measure, monitor and protect their RF transmission systems while providing dependable performance and accuracy. Its RF test port enables users to verify spectral compliance for many applications, including IBOC. Features of this system include alarm detection and notification, instant e-mail alerts, remote power/VSWR monitoring and administration, RF test port, access to historical data through data logging, and a small footprint for minimal rack space.
    fax 440-248-3790

    Data importer, exporter
    Harris Flexstar HDI-100 and HDE-100
    The Flexstar HDI-100 data importer and HDE-100 program exporter can broadcast supplemental audio and implement data services, maximizing available bandwidth within the transmission chain. The HDI-100 importer accepts all advanced application services, including supplemental audio program streams, allowing broadcasters to better serve the community and generate additional revenue. The HDE-100 exporter multiplexes the data leaving the importer with a station main program channel and feeds all the data as one bandwidth-efficient bit stream to an HD Radio exciter. Both units are compatible with Harris'' Dexstar HD Radio exciter. A demonstration at the company's booth will simulate an end-to-end HD Radio platform for enabling advanced services such as supplementary audio and data.
    fax 513-459-3890

    Session Highlights

    Wednesday in the Broadcast Engineering Conference
    While the BEC continues through Thursday, the last radio presentations will be provided on Wednesday morning during the Disaster Prep and Recovery session. The hurricanes of 2004 are a part of half the sessions including the presentations Hurricane Preparedness in a City Below Sea Level by Joseph Pollet of Entercom New Orleans, Disaster Survival and EAS by Roz Clark of Cox Tampa, and Disaster Recovery - Tales from the Damaged Side by Michael Patton of Michael Patton and Associates. In addition, Disaster Prep by Larry Gispert of the Hillsborough County Emergency Management office, and Disaster Preparation and Recovery: Designed into all Systems from the Start by James Kutzner of PBS should be interesting.

    More Products

    Broadcasting antenna
    Propagation Systems Inc Low-power FM antenna
    An omni-directional, circularly polarized FM antenna for the low power broadcaster, this antenna will also serve the FM broadcasters implementing IBOC with a separate antenna approach. Manufactured with stainless steel, the PSI-FL antenna features low weight and low wind load. Pressurization is not required. Multiple bay versions are available that allow inputs from 500W to 2kW, either at full- or half-wave spacing. Radomes are available.
    fax 814-472-5676

    On-air processor
    Orban Optimod-FM 5300
    This processor provides five-band and two-band Optimod processing in a 1RU package. An one-knob less/more adjustment adjusts any factory preset. The processor's built-in stereo encoder, AES/EBU digital inputs and outputs and analog I/O provide connectivity. Tight band limiting to 15kHz allows uncompressed digital STL to pass processed audio from studio to transmitter. The processor features three separate remote control ports: GPI contact closures, RS232 serial and built-in Ethernet for TCP/IP networks. Built-in clock-based automation allows for automatic daypart processing.
    fax 510-351-0500

    Digital console surface
    Logitek Mosaic
    Mosaic consoles use a series of drop-in modules that permit users to purchase console configurations that meet their needs. These consoles are router-based, acting as control surfaces for the Logitek Audio Engine. Features include multiple frame sizes, allowing configuration of consoles ranging from four to 24 faders and multiple full color LCD screens, which provides at least one screen on each module, giving users meters, clocks, timers, delay information, text from the Audio Engine and downloaded bitmaps. There are more controls available than there were in previous consoles, giving users single-button access to multiple functions.
    fax 713-664-4479

    Remote control software
    Burk Technology Autopilot 3
    Autopilot 3 introduces Custom Views, which provide broadcasters with a new level of flexibility in viewing and managing an unlimited number of ARC-16 sites. Users can select individual channels to display on the PC interface, and they can draw from as many sites as needed to create a drill-down approach to fault resolution, a map-based geographic view for multiple sites, or a customized interface designed for operation-specific work flows or procedures. The software offers an e-mail alarm notification utility that provides selective, customizable reporting so that each alarm message can be sent to a different email addresses or distribution groups, adding efficiency and making workgroup communication more effective.
    fax 978-486-0081

    Convention Events

    V-Soft Communications to Host FCC Broadcast Engineering Training Seminar
    Cedar Falls, IA - Jan 25, 2005 - V-Soft Communications will hold its third annual engineering training seminar on April 16 and April 17, at the Circus Circus Hotel. This seminar is scheduled immediately prior to NAB2005.

    The seminar will focus on specific broadcast engineering projects such as station upgrading, translators, single frequency networks and boosters, interference analysis and move-ins. The seminar will introduce V-Soft''s new frequency search tool FM Commander and will spotlight numerous features in the Probe 3 propagation prediction program. The training seminar will be held from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. on April 16 and from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. on April 17. Breakfast and lunch will be provided for attendees on both days.

    For additional information contact or call 800-743-3684.

    Out and About in Las Vegas

    Getting Around via the Monorail
    It was expected to be ready for NAB2004, but problems prevented it from running. This year, you have a new choice in transportation in Las Vegas: the Monorail.

    The Robert N. Broadbent Las Vegas Monorail is the newest addition to the Las Vegas skyline. Gliding above traffic at speeds reaching 50 miles per hour, you can cover the four mile route in approximately 14 minutes. The Monorail runs from 7 a.m. to 2 a.m. daily.

    There are four ticket offerings available. A single-ride ticket is the most basic and costs $3. A 10-ride ticket is valid for one year and as the name implies, provides 10 rides. It costs $20. For many convention goers, this ticket might be the best choice if you only plan to ride twice each day. A one-day ticket allows unlimited travel during a 24-hour period for $10. The three-day ticket allows unlimited travel for a 72-hour period for $25. If you plan to use the Monorail a few times a day, this is your best bet.

    Tickets can be purchased at all Monorail stations or online at .

    The Monorail stops at the Sahara, the Las Vegas Hilton, the Las Vegas Convention Center, Harrah's/Imperial Palace, the Flamingo Hilton, Bally's and the MGM Grand. View a route plan at The route parallels the Strip behind the Strip hotels on its south end, then cuts over Sands Ave. to Paradise Rd.

    More from Radio magazine

    Take the FASTtrack With You
    Download the Broadcast Engineering and Radio magazine NAB2005 FASTtrack, Exhibitor Directory and Broadcast Engineering Conference session guide to your Palm or Pocket PC PDA.

    Folow this link to download it today.

    Product Peeks

    Portable recorder
    Marantz PMD660
    Featuring a built-in condenser microphone with automatic level control, one-touch digital recording to Compact Flash cards, on-board editing with mark segment, a virtual track mode for playback and instant audio access to the preset marked points, the PMD660 can record for four hours running on four standard AA batteries. The recorder is a solid-state media recorder with easy one-touch digital recording. Uncompressed WAV files can be recorded at 44.1kHz or 48kHz, and MP3 files can be recorded in mono at 64kb/s or in stereo at 128kb/s.
    fax 630-741-0652

    Digital FM antenna
    Dielectric HD Plus
    Easily integrated alongside existing analog FM antennas, this antenna allows the station to continue its analog broadcast while also adding a digital broadcast of the same signal at the same frequency. Special design considerations between the analog and digital antenna bays provide for isolation that exceeds 40dB; 10 percent more than the 36dB required by the FCC. Because of this isolation from the antenna, the need for a supplemental isolator in the system is removed.
    fax 207-655-7120

    Dynamic studio mic
    Neumann BCM 705
    This mic uses a redesigned version of the Profi Power Sennheiser MD 431 hand-held stage microphone and capsule. Housed in the same body as the previously introduced BCM 104, this mic is immediately identifiable as a Neumann dynamic microphone by its new green Neumann badge. To enhance low frequencies, the entire chamber surrounding the capsule has been enlarged and acoustically coupled to a rear entrance port. The same wire mesh pop screen principles used in the KMS 105 and BCM 104 microphones are used in this mic, thus removing the need of foam in front of the capsule. Individual, color-coded head grilles are available for each user. The microphone in its mount is elastically suspended and compatible via standard broadcast-segment microphone arms.
    fax 860-434-3148

    Clock, time code generator
    ESE ES-185U
    The ES-185U is an upgrade to the ES-185A/12 GPS master clock/time code generator. Upgrades include IRIG AM or TTL time code, SMPTE time code selection (drop frame, NDF, EBU and real time) through supplied software and USB connection for configuring set-up features. Features include a nine-digit yellow LED display, rack mount enclosure with black front panel, four-hour battery back-up, indoor/outdoor antenna, one PPS output and five time code outputs (SMPTE/EBU, ASCII, IRIG-B, ESE - TC89 and ESE - TC90). Other options available include 10MHz/1kHz frequency outputs, relay contact closure, 220Vac, 12-35Vdc power input and a UL-approved power supply.
    fax 310-322-8127

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